Why Did You Wear That: TenGems

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tengems jewelry kirsten smith whydidIf diamonds are a girl’s best friend, then rose gold, smokey quartz, and morganite are her inner circle.  When TenGems, a luxury jewelry e-tailer, asked if I’d like to curate a collection for them, I was more than happy to oblige.  Offering designer jewels from brands including Ippolita, Roberto Coin, and Baume & Mercier at 30-75% off of retail prices on a daily basis, you don’t have to wait around for the holidays to treat yourself (though now might be a good time to start your shopping).  Easy returns and free shipping are all the more reason to stock up on sparkling accessories to wear during gala season.  Below are a few of my favorites:

tengems eddie borgo roberto coin

Roberto Coin Ipanema Smokey Quartz Earrings, Paige Novick Natalie Stingray CuffEddie Borgo Pave Wing Open Work Hinged Ring

And you can shop the rest of of my picks (it was honestly very hard to choose) right here.



WhyDid and Win: Scott Kay Sample Sale

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scott kay jewelryNow that we have survived Halloween and a hurricane, the holidays are fast approaching and what better time to stock on some beautiful baubles for your loved ones than right now?  Or if you’re a selfish little lady, maybe you’re going to need some extra bling for all of the fabulous holiday parties you’ll be attending.  Fortunately for you, Scott Kay is holding an exclusive sample sale where you will save 70% (!!!) on fine jewelry including diamonds, platinum and one of a kind pieces.  Starts on Wednesday, November 14th and will run until Sunday, November 18th.  Yeah, you’re welcome.

scott kay jewelryEven if you are unable to get yourself to this fabulous sample sale, you can still enter for a chance to win these Scott Kay Cypress earrings ($195 value) by following WhyDid and Scott Kay on Twitter and retweeting this little message.

Good luck and happy shopping/tweeting (two things that actually go very well together).



Gift Guide: You’ve Still Got 3 1/2 Days!

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You like to live on the edge. You like to procrastinate. You could care less about this stupid Hallmark holiday (I personally love it- I’m just expressing what some others may think).  Whatever the reason may be, you still haven’t managed to purchase that special someone a gift for Valentine’s Day.  Well, have no fear, I’m here to get you out of this mess, you lazy fool. Below are some quick and fabulous V-day ideas! You’re welcome in advance!


Gift Guide: Fellas, Make Your Lady Happy This Holiday

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It can be very stressful trying to come up with a thoughtful and useful gift for your honey. So below I have outlined some Do’s and Don’ts of holiday shopping in order to keep you out of the dog house.

What she absolutely does NOT want:

  • Don’t bother trying to buy her clothes. Unless you have (successfully) done this in the past, I would skip it. Plus, you don’t want to have the awkward moment of buying a size 8 when she’s really a size 4. Never buy her a sweater. This is what her Aunt Helen is for.
  • Nix the gift certificates. I know it sounds good in theory and kind of a no fail option, but you are wrong. Gift certificates are completely thoughtless and lazy and trust me, she’ll recognize that. Put in the leg work and get her a real gift.
  • Perfume is way too personal for you to be picking out for her. That’s something she should buy on her own. I also think it is kind of cheesy and trite.
  • Lingerie is iffy. I personally love lingerie, but it is essentially a selfish gift, no? Save it for Valentine’s Day. If you do opt for lingerie, be sure that it’s La Perla or Myla and not Victoria’s Secret. This is no time to be stingy.
  • Jewelry is tricky. There is only one surefire option in jewelry, diamonds. Unless you are very familiar with her style or willing to dish out the $$ for diamonds, I’d hold off. I have a personal horror story about jewelry on Christmas. Picture this: your boyfriend calls you from the Diamond District and tells you how he is the most amazing boyfriend in the world. You are now giddy with excitement (thinking you are finally getting those diamond studs). He shows up with Swarvoski crystals. And ugly ones at that.
  • Any type of kitchen appliance. Enough said.
  • Pajamas. Could you be any less sexy?

Some better options:

In all honesty, my favorite part of any gift is the card. Believe it or not, I do have a soft side. The thought that goes into your gift is far more meaningful than what you actually buy her. If she throws a tantrum or diva fit… maybe it’s time to re-evaluate…

Any of you ladies reading, email me your most horrific holiday gift stories and I will post the best ones! whydidyouwearthat@whydid.com