You like to live on the edge. You like to procrastinate. You could care less about this stupid Hallmark holiday (I personally love it- I’m just expressing what some others may think).  Whatever the reason may be, you still haven’t managed to purchase that special someone a gift for Valentine’s Day.  Well, have no fear, I’m here to get you out of this mess, you lazy fool. Below are some quick and fabulous V-day ideas! You’re welcome in advance!

For Her:

Jewelry-this is always on the list and as you might remember me mentioning during the holidays, it can be tricky.  Why not do something a little more fun like personalization?  Alex and Ani have an amazing selection of charms that can go on their sets of bangles and their chains.  These aren’t too pricey so you can pick out several pieces to make something truly special (think of it as a jewelry bouquet).  Or you could go a little higher end with Alex Woo. Pick out her intials or a number that is special to the two of you. Think outside of the little blue box!

Pictures- Whether it’s one great shot or a cluster of a few favorite memories, this can be a really sweet and recession friendly gift.  You can now easily upload your photos to a number of websites including Duane Reade and Ritz and have them print out your photos within an hour.  Pick up a beautiful frame and you’re all set!

Spoil her- Stock up on all of her favorite bath products from Sephora or even the local drugstore.  Fill a basket with lotions and potions, candles, and trashy gossip magazines. Then treat her to an at home massage. Sounds like a win-win to me 😉

For Him:


Sexy lingerie- Not for him to wear, silly.  Slip on something “a little more comfortable” and let him know how special he is.  He’s probably sick of seeing you in your boyshorts and tank, so why not spice it up for at least one night.  Whether you buy Myla or Victorias Secret, he’s not going to care.

Dinner- A recession friendly gift for you ladies, cook him dinner (bonus points if you do it in heels and cute panties. Make his favorite meal and have it waiting for him.  It sounds totally 1950’s, but he will most certainly appreciate the extra effort. (Plus, a lot of grocery stores now deliver, so you can just go online and purchase all the ingredients necessary).

Gadgets- Guys love gadgets and right now, tons of them are on sale.  Why not do a new GPS system (lord knows he won’t ask for directions) or a digital photo frame?

And as I have pointed out before, the MOST important part is the card.  If you don’t have the actual words to write down on paper, spend some extra time in Hallmark choosing the perfect card.

So there you have it.  Doesn’t sound too bad, does it?  Surprisingly, I already have my bf’s gift purchased and wrapped.  I would tell you what it is, but he actually reads this from time to time.  Don’t worry, honey.. it’s a good one.

Happy Valentine’s Day!