Monday Mashup: Haunting Resemblance

By |October 24th, 2011|Monday Mashup|

We’ve all had our share of makeup mishaps (um, my neck and face were living two separate lives all through middle school), but sometimes cosmetics gone wild can really foul up a lady’s appearance.  While makeup was created to make us look that much more beautiful, in some instances, it can be downright scary.  Sadly, even celebrities with the best in the business in their arsenals can have their very own makeup misdemeanors.  While some may be only minor… others leave these ladies looking hauntingly similar to some of our very favorite spooky Halloween characters.  Pretty sure these photos speak for themselves:

Yikes!  Someone hand me a Wet Wipe!




Why Did You Wear That: You’ve Got Flare

By |March 8th, 2011|Personal Style, Why Did You Wear That?|

We’ve been obsessed with skinnies for several seasons now, but flares are showing up again for spring.  I am certainly partial to a sleek skinny jean, but I have to admit that flares are so much more flattering on almost every body type.  The wide leg really balances out even the most pear shaped figures and can make short legs seem miles long.

Now, be warned: High waist flares are not meant for everyone (recall the Jessica Simpson incident?).  To look good in high waisted jeans, you basically have to have the flattest (I’m talking practically inverted) tummy and a bubble butt.  Not too many of those girls out there.  High waisted denim also isn’t particularly flattering on you shorties or short waisted gals.  Stick with a lower cut pair and always make sure that you don’t look like you’re drowning in your hem.

I love a wider leg 70’s inspired jean with a delicate floaty blouse and platform sandals.  Channel your inner “Angel” and step out in these belled babies.

Top (L to R): Citizens of Humanity Angie Super Flare Jean, $229, Rebecca Taylor Front Zip Runway Denim Pant, $195, Pray For Mother Nature Devils Post Pile Bellbottoms, $176, MiH Marrakesh Flare Jeans, $186, J Brand Kiki High Rise Flare, $180 Bottom (L to R): J Brand Lovestory Flare Jeans, $178, Gap Vintage Flare Jeans, $69.50, 7 for All Mankin Kaylie Jeans, $168, TEXTILE Elizabeth & James Jimi Flare Jeans, $195, Red Valentino High Rise Flare Jeans, $310

(on me: H&M top, Earnest Sewn jeans, vintage Dooney & Bourke bag, Alex & Ani bracelets, Colin Stuart Sandals)



Monday Mashup: The Newlyweds

By |November 15th, 2010|Monday Mashup|

So, last week Nick Lachey popped the question to long time love, Vanessa Minnillo right before they both celebrated their birthdays in Mexico. Ah… young love. The news spread quickly and focused mostly on the fact that Jessica Simpson was probably eating her weight in Hagen Daas while having a mental breakdown. Then lo and behold… We find out that now Ms. Simpson is also ENGAGED! Not even a week later, Jessica was seen sporting a ring from boyfriend of six months, Eric Johnson. Um, coincidence?

I’m not going to harp on their short courtship (cause these things do happen -wink, wink), but I’m actually more concerned with the far too obvious (might I add tacky) timing. I mean, what are the chances that both Nick and Eric had been planning tandem proposals? Slim to none. Methinks Ms. Simpson lost her shit and poor Eric feared for his life. The only way to tame the shrew? Put a ring on it. I feel halfway sorry for Eric while the other half feels like he’s a big pu$$y who knew he might be in jeopardy of losing his meal ticket (and we know Jessica never misses a meal). I smell foul play… or is that the smell of desperation?

So, who got the better bling? Eric popped the question to Jessica with a ruby ring flanked by diamonds from Neil Lane, while Vanessa was proposed to by Nick with an ascher cut diamond from jewelry designer  Bader and Garin.



The List Volume XXIII

By |October 15th, 2010|The List|

I mean, there aren’t enough hours in the day for the annoyances that have shown up on my doorstep this week…

  1. Los Angeles.
  2. This onslaught of hot young actresses in “mom” jeans.
  3. The Real Housewives of DC. I hope there is not a second season.
  4. Ashlee Simpson’s new ‘do. Though her baby’s awfully cute.ashlee-simpson-new-blonde-pixie-bob-hairstyle-240bes101310
  5. WordPress… no, I didn’t need that last draft. No, seriously… it’s fine.
  6. Cat vomit. Thanks, Fluff.
  7. People who blatantly copy WhyDid and people who steal my gays. I mean I can’t.
  8. Zoe Saldana’s Calvin Klein commercial. It makes me really uncomfortable.
  9. People who can not just be happy for others. I do not need your lecture. Just smack me five and let’s move on.
  10. Jessica Simpson… just for good measure.

Luckily, I’m blonde… otherwise you’d be giving me grey hair.



WhyDid Wisdom: I Pity the Fool

By |September 7th, 2010|WhyDid Wisdom|
girl with glasses reduced
Do you remember when Jessica Simpson attempted making “dumb” look cute (Newlyweds ring a bell)? Remember what that did to her “career”? Yeah, about that… I never particularly cared for Ms. Simpson to begin with, but after watching her question whether tuna was, in fact, chicken or fish, I hit my limit. I’m not sure when girls thought that being “ditzy” equated to being darling, but I’m going to need it to stop. So, I’m here to disspell the rumor that being anything but brilliant is attractive. I’m not saying we need to split atoms and cure cancer (though that would be pretty bad ass), but I am saying that beauty mixed with brains will get you much further than any helpless act. Here’s a list of ten things that any savvy chick should know how to do (and how to do them):
  1. Change a tire.
  2. Backup your computer.
  3. Do your taxes.
  4. Cook a steak.
  5. Sew.
  6. Drive a stick.
  7. Tie a tie.
  8. Play poker.
  9. Hang a picture/drapes/aka use tools.
  10. Tell a dirty joke.

Smart is the new pretty.