girl with glasses reduced
Do you remember when Jessica Simpson attempted making “dumb” look cute (Newlyweds ring a bell)? Remember what that did to her “career”? Yeah, about that… I never particularly cared for Ms. Simpson to begin with, but after watching her question whether tuna was, in fact, chicken or fish, I hit my limit. I’m not sure when girls thought that being “ditzy” equated to being darling, but I’m going to need it to stop. So, I’m here to disspell the rumor that being anything but brilliant is attractive. I’m not saying we need to split atoms and cure cancer (though that would be pretty bad ass), but I am saying that beauty mixed with brains will get you much further than any helpless act. Here’s a list of ten things that any savvy chick should know how to do (and how to do them):
  1. Change a tire.
  2. Backup your computer.
  3. Do your taxes.
  4. Cook a steak.
  5. Sew.
  6. Drive a stick.
  7. Tie a tie.
  8. Play poker.
  9. Hang a picture/drapes/aka use tools.
  10. Tell a dirty joke.

Smart is the new pretty.