Setting the Mood: Go Green

By |March 10th, 2014|Setting the Mood|

green fashionWhile all of us damn near took sledgehammers to our alarm clocks this morning thanks to Daylight Savings, we were stopped only upon realization that this tortuous early wake up call puts us that much closer to spring… and our alarm clocks are more than likely our most prized possessions, our cell phones– and it’s very difficult to choose the right Instagram filter with a cracked screen, not to mention dangerous.

And although we’ve safely guided ourselves through and survived the onslaught of holidays starting in November and ending with the massacre that is Valentines’s Day, there is one more left that I hesitate to actually qualify as a holiday.  The “holiday” to which I’m referring is St. Patrick’s Day and the only thing I despise more than the streets of my beloved city being crammed full of drunken non-Irish leprechauns is that one obnoxious human who will, without fail, attempt to pinch you due to not wearing a speck of green.  My younger self had much stronger feelings as to which green was appropriate (A refresher of NYC on St. Patrick’s Day), my older wiser self is much more lax and think even a green juice should count.  So, let’s play along and get our green on.


Oliver Peoples Daddy B Mirrored Sunglasses3.1 Phillip Lim Iridescent Card CasePour La Victoire Yermak Cutout SandalsChan Luu Gold Plated Chalcedony Earrings



Gift Guide: First Dance

By |February 11th, 2014|Gift Guide|

napolean dynamite danceYes, along with finding someone cute to cuddle up with this Friday– which just so happens to be February 14th, your boo or potential object of affection will most likely be somewhat stressed about what to gift you for this Hallmark holiday.  All of this will be made exponentially harder when factoring in what is or is not appropriate based on the length of your relationship and just how hot and heavy it’s gotten between you two thus far.  If you’ve just started dating and Patti Stanger would still have you on the two drink maximum (HA!), it’s just that much more tricky.  It’s important to show interest without giving away the promise of a picket fence, perfectly trained papillon, and three adorable and well mannered children.  Ladies, print this out, press forward, casually share it on Facebook and hope that your man is smart enough to read on.

When my newly smitten best guy friend confirmed with me that he should, in fact, send flowers to the new apple of his eye for Valentine’s day, he was downright insulted when I made him assure me he wouldn’t send the standard red roses- especially those flanked with the floral equivalent of cantaloupe, baby’s breath.  I forget that his mama raised him right and he, therefore, has impeccable taste down to wearing a three piece suit to his business casual office. However, some of you “gentleman” (yeah, I’m air quoting that) could use a little bit of a stern reprimanding when it comes to gift giving for the special ladies in your life.  Therefore, I’m here to guide your ship through the rocky waters of your budding relationship to your own private island of infatuation.

Some side notes about my selections:

  • Do not give a half assed gift.  If you choose to go with a frame, put a flipping picture in it.  That’s like giving a girl a vase with no flowers or a jewelry box with no jewelry.  This type of gift will land you in more hot water than baby’s breath or store bought chocolates (just don’t).
  • The little things are the things she will remember– unless she’s a gold digging ho and, in that case, you should abort mission before she drains your bank account and your sanity.  If you give her a book, write a sweet inscription.  If you opt for a change purse, tuck a shiny, lucky penny inside for her to find.
  • Don’t overdo it.  Crotchless panties two weeks in?  Probably not.  Now, six months in is a completely different story… Pro-tip: If you give a giant, shiny, or expensive gift too early on, you’ve set yourself up for future failure.  You must always outdo yourself and you, my friend have set the bar awfully high (sorry, ladies, but you know it’s true).  As for giving a girl a ring so early on, this is a knuckle ring and it’s a pearl, not a diamond.  You’re basically giving her something to punch you in the face with should you ever foul things up.  I consider this ring a token of good faith and an indicator that you’re up on current trends.
  • Don’t bother with a card– unless you plan on writing more than just your name.

valentines present


1. Wildfox Lolita Sunglasses, 2. Miu Miu Croc Effect Glossed Leather Pouch, 3. Taschen Set of Two Fairy Tale Books, 4. Rodarte Rohearte T-Shirt, 5. Rablabs Obra Frame, 6. Mary Green Sleeping Beauty Eye Mask, 7. Sophie Bille Brahe Lisa Petite Pearl Knuckle Ring, 8. Bing Bang Secret Admirer Necklace, 9. Jennifer Zeuner Adored Necklace, 10. AIR by alice + olivia Drape Wrap Around Top, 11. alice + olivia Lizard Phone Pouch with Portable Charger, 12. Elle Macpherson Medina Lace and Silk Pajama Set, 13. Chan Luu Cashmere and Silk Blend Scarf, 14. Eberjey Mabel Lace Trimmed Jersey Robe

Seriously, I wish I could date myself sometimes.  Also probably why I’m such a hit at a certain W 12th Street hot spot




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Why Did You Wear That: Hot Child in the City

By |July 9th, 2013|Personal Style|

When I opted not to hop a flight to New Hampshire, I found that the city was essentially empty this past weekend.  It was like my own little Manhattan.  And while it sure is nice to have the sidewalks all to myself, it can also feel a little like the apocalypse.  Fortunately, a few friends also chose to stick around, so we made the best of our sticky and abandoned city. Roaming the streets with to-go cups (yes, we acted as if Manhattan was Cancun on spring break) and my own personal paparazzi, we kept ourselves more than a little entertained.

The only way to keep cool during hot July nights is with your hair as far off your back as possible, t-shirts with plenty of ventilation, and short shorts.  The boots may appear to be an odd choice, but with the unpredictability of downpours this past week, I’d had my sandals drenched and trekked through enough puddles posing as ponds to have learned my lesson.

atm machine

kirsten smith

t-shirt: UNIF Clothing (similar), shorts: American Apparel, boots: Frye, bag: Amrita Singh, bracelet: Chan Luu

kirsten smithThe heat is on.



Why Did You Wear That: Darn It, That’s a Garnet.

By |January 8th, 2013|Why Did You Wear That?|

garnet stone

Whether you’re into astrology or gemology, Capricorns and Aquarians have been bestowed with the garnet as their birthstone.  I used to think I got the short end of the stick when it came to birthstones, but over the years, this deep red stone has grown on me.  Sure, it’s not a diamond, but this year especially, the color has gained some momentum with the influx of oxblood.

january birthstone garnet

1. Satya Strength Bracelet in Red Garnet, $78, 2. 14k Rose Gold Necklace, $600, 3. 14k Yellow Gold Garnet Gemstone Earrings, $298, 4. Kelly Wearstler Cabochon Hoop Earrings, $275, 5. Dezso by Sara Beltran Garnet and Emerald Shark Fin Bracelet, $2,400, 6. Heather Hawkins Hammered Coin Necklace, $202, 7. Chan Luu The Mystic Red Garnet Beaded Bracelet, $70, 8. Alex and Ani January Garnet Birthstone Bangle, $28

Wear it with pride, my fellow January babies.



Why Did You Wear That: Transitional Period

By |September 4th, 2012|Personal Style, Why Did You Wear That?|

how to transition a summer dressAnd welcome back.  I hope your Labor Day was just that… laborless.  Seeing as Labor Day is often considered the end of summer, you may be wondering what the heck you are going to do with all of your fabulous summer frocks.  Unless you live in some type of glorious tropical climate, you are aware that for the next couple of months, the weather will be like a mature woman going through menopause.  One minute it’s pleasant, next it’s hot, next all hell breaks loose.  That is precisely why it is imperative to understand the importance of layering and how to transition your lighter pieces straight into fall.  Not sure how to do that?  Don’t you worry, I’ve gone ahead and taken the liberty of showing you just how to do so with a lovely striped maxi dress courtesy of Sugar Lips.striped maxi dress blimp

necklaces t strap sandalsIt’s all fun and games during the sweltering summer.  The sun is shining.  Blimps are flying overhead.  Add some sexy t-straps and sunglasses and you’re good to go. You may even layer on a pile of bangles and several necklaces (which I must warn you turned into a tangle and call to a plumber for me) to complete your carefree fitted frock.

But alas, not all good things last forever and before you know it, there’s a nip in the air and the only things up in the sky are falling leaves.  Swap out your sandals for wedge boots, layer on a jacket and don’t forget to keep your dome warm with a knit hat.  Perhaps instead of necklaces you substitute a scarf.

fall maxi dress

So don’t let the nip in the air take the pep out of your step.  Look on the bright side: you’ve still got a couple more months before we need to discuss snowboots.