garnet stone

Whether you’re into astrology or gemology, Capricorns and Aquarians have been bestowed with the garnet as their birthstone.  I used to think I got the short end of the stick when it came to birthstones, but over the years, this deep red stone has grown on me.  Sure, it’s not a diamond, but this year especially, the color has gained some momentum with the influx of oxblood.

january birthstone garnet

1. Satya Strength Bracelet in Red Garnet, $78, 2. 14k Rose Gold Necklace, $600, 3. 14k Yellow Gold Garnet Gemstone Earrings, $298, 4. Kelly Wearstler Cabochon Hoop Earrings, $275, 5. Dezso by Sara Beltran Garnet and Emerald Shark Fin Bracelet, $2,400, 6. Heather Hawkins Hammered Coin Necklace, $202, 7. Chan Luu The Mystic Red Garnet Beaded Bracelet, $70, 8. Alex and Ani January Garnet Birthstone Bangle, $28

Wear it with pride, my fellow January babies.