green fashionWhile all of us damn near took sledgehammers to our alarm clocks this morning thanks to Daylight Savings, we were stopped only upon realization that this tortuous early wake up call puts us that much closer to spring… and our alarm clocks are more than likely our most prized possessions, our cell phones– and it’s very difficult to choose the right Instagram filter with a cracked screen, not to mention dangerous.

And although we’ve safely guided ourselves through and survived the onslaught of holidays starting in November and ending with the massacre that is Valentines’s Day, there is one more left that I hesitate to actually qualify as a holiday.  The “holiday” to which I’m referring is St. Patrick’s Day and the only thing I despise more than the streets of my beloved city being crammed full of drunken non-Irish leprechauns is that one obnoxious human who will, without fail, attempt to pinch you due to not wearing a speck of green.  My younger self had much stronger feelings as to which green was appropriate (A refresher of NYC on St. Patrick’s Day), my older wiser self is much more lax and think even a green juice should count.  So, let’s play along and get our green on.


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