Why Did or Why Don’t: Overall Overhaul

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As you may recall, I wasn’t particularly pleased when the whole “overalls” trend popped up this past fall.  It just seemed like such an unflattering and unladylike look for about, oh… 98.9% of the population.  But then something funny happened.

Trendsetting celebrities and stylish city girls put a positive spin on the formerly dowdy denim dungarees.  For some reason, I find the short version far less offensive than its full leg counterpart.   Dare I even call it cute?  So, I guess you could say my cold heart has melted… or it could just be this miserable mid-July heatwave, but you be the judge.

Blank Roll in the Hay Overalls, Haute Hippie Chambray Overalls, BDG Denim Overall Shorts, Current/Elliot The Short Overalls



Would You Wednesday: Whose Side Are You On?

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celebrities side boobThe side boob isn’t really anything new, but in the past couple of years, it’s been making a pretty strong campaign to be the new sexy skin .  Could it be?  Side boob the new cleavage?  Somehow the side boob is sexy without being slutty.  It’s suggestive without being too saucy.  Celebrities have been spotted all over town letting their mammaries sneak out the side to catch some fresh air.  I’m talking about good girls like Ann Hathaway and Lauren Conrad.  I mean, it’s not like I’m using Lindsay Lohan as my moral compass.  Even magazines have taken notice of this sneaky sideways trend and April’s covers are smattered with side boob.

This past weekend, I slipped into a new dress that was not exactly brassiere friendly.  So, I snapped that baby right off and wore the dress sans support.  When I gave myself a gander in the mirror, I wondered, “Is there such a thing as too much side boob?”  Well, what could I do but take a quick poll on Twitter?:


Uh, Dad, if you’re reading… I absolutely wore a sweater over this.  When I arrived at my destination, there were a few more young children than I had anticipated so I did keep my arms mostly glued to my sides so as to avoid any awkward nursing attempts.  What did everyone else think of my free flowing friends?  The general consensus was positive.  Both males and females commented on my peek-a-boo sideshow.  Granted, I did get a couple of not so friendly glances from a few women, but I guess that’s to be expected.  It seems that the side boob is also less offensive than the over the top push up cleavage of days yore.

So, now I ask you, my lovely WhyDid readers:  Is “side boob” the new cleavage?  And is there such a thing as too much?

Now, pick a side.



Why Did You Wear That: White for Your Right To Party

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If you’d described this outfit to me without seeing it, I probably would have thought you’d been hitting up ye olde crackpipe again and would have had to stage an intervention.  However, when I saw Cameron Diaz sporting her light white ensemble a couple of weeks ago, I thought she looked incredibly chic, not like a drug induced fashion victim.

I know what you’re thinking: All white?  Isn’t that a nod to the Michelin Man? In most cases, I’d say, “Yes.”  In this instance, it comes off more angelic modern than just moronic.

The best part?  These pieces are things that you most likely already have in your closet.  I had everything minus the U-Boat watch which I borrowed stole from my fiance.  Remember to break up the white with your accessories otherwise you’ll be walking around like a baker or tampon (whichever).  I went ahead and nixed Cam’s suspenders (let’s not be completely ridiculous) and added a Mr. T gold chain instead.

1. American Apparel Unisex Sheer Jersey Short Sleeve Deep V-Neck, $24, 2. Stella & Jamie Black Leather Bomber, $352.99, 3. Toy Watch Oversize Plasteramic Watch, $225, 4. Seven For All Mankind Roxanne Skinny Flood in Clean White, $159, 5. Brian Atwood Closed Toe Platform Pump, $580, 6. Balenciaga Velo, $1,445

You gotta fight!




Photo via Just Jared

Why Did You Wear That: You’ve Got Sole

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One of the most talked about moments from this past weekend’s Academy Awards show was not a musical number, not a gorgeous gown, not a misplaced expletive… it was Anne Hathaway’s Swarovski crystal encrusted Brian Atwood pumps worn with her Lanvin tuxedo.  Twitter exploded with “who made Anne’s shoes?” and “I’ve got to get my hands on those pumps.”  Certainly a victory for both Mr. Atwood, himself, as well as Anne’s stylist, Ms. Rachel Zoe.

For quite a while, the go to glamour girl pump was Christian Louboutin, but it looks like there’s a new “it” shoe in town.  Basically, if you’ve heard of the actress, she’s worn the shoe.  Everyone from Blake Lively to Cameron Diaz to Dianne Kruger has been spotted strutting her stuff in these sexy stilettos.

So has Hollywood traded in the flash of a red sole for the styling and simplicity of just a great shoe?

Sole long!



photos via: CoolSpotters and Just Jared

The List Volume IV

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Adding Zest Nails on Chalkboard
And so it’s that time again. What irked me and raised my blood pressure this week? Take a look below to find out.
  1. Basketball Wives. Are you guys still talking?
  2. Smoking. You wanna eff up your lungs? Go for it. Making my hair and clothes stink? Now we’ve got a problem.
  3. Two finger typing. There’s a class for that.
  4. Jessica Simpson for OH so many reasons. Not even a cameo on Entourage is gonna make you cool, girlfriend.293.JessicaSimpson.tg.051210
  5. Rachel Uchitel’s vajayjay. Aren’t you tired?
  6. Class rings. (Thanks for pointing this out, GBF). I don’t believe I ever even got one, so why are you still wearing yours? No need to wear your resume on your ring finger, unless, of course, it’s a 5 carat Harry Winston.
  7. Fighting over a boy. Um, Kate, Cammy? He cheated on his wife with a stripper. You really wanna throw ‘bows over this one? alex-rodriguez-stripper
  8. Snooze button. You’re ruining my life.
  9. Gulf Oil Spill (again). Um, come up with any solutions yet guys? Or are we planning a big fish fry I didn’t know about?
  10. The tween boy hair flip. I love that little Greyson guy (who doesn’t?) and we’ve all got Bieber fever, but is that hair toss necessary? Looks like a mild case of tourettes…