Adding Zest Nails on Chalkboard
And so it’s that time again. What irked me and raised my blood pressure this week? Take a look below to find out.
  1. Basketball Wives. Are you guys still talking?
  2. Smoking. You wanna eff up your lungs? Go for it. Making my hair and clothes stink? Now we’ve got a problem.
  3. Two finger typing. There’s a class for that.
  4. Jessica Simpson for OH so many reasons. Not even a cameo on Entourage is gonna make you cool,
  5. Rachel Uchitel’s vajayjay. Aren’t you tired?
  6. Class rings. (Thanks for pointing this out, GBF). I don’t believe I ever even got one, so why are you still wearing yours? No need to wear your resume on your ring finger, unless, of course, it’s a 5 carat Harry Winston.
  7. Fighting over a boy. Um, Kate, Cammy? He cheated on his wife with a stripper. You really wanna throw ‘bows over this one? alex-rodriguez-stripper
  8. Snooze button. You’re ruining my life.
  9. Gulf Oil Spill (again). Um, come up with any solutions yet guys? Or are we planning a big fish fry I didn’t know about?
  10. The tween boy hair flip. I love that little Greyson guy (who doesn’t?) and we’ve all got Bieber fever, but is that hair toss necessary? Looks like a mild case of tourettes…