Why Did You Wear That: Trapped in the Closet, or At Least I Wish I Was…

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american-music-awards-red-carpetMayra Veronica, Marc Anthony, Keltie McKnight, R. Kelly

Award shows always manage to leave me scratching my head and trying to figure out just how much wine I ingested in the last two hours.  It’s as if celebrities save up all their crazy for these star studded events and then unleash it on their adoring fans.  Fortunately for us, it’s all caught on film to be watched time and again for days to follow.  These evenings provide news sources plenty of ammunition and the platform to play things out and beat a dead horse.

Speaking of which… The only thing weirder than Lady Gaga’s arrival on a wind up horse, was her awkward performance with president R. Kelly who probably should have stayed trapped in the closet.  I didn’t have too long to wonder what the real purpose of this horse was or whether Ke$ha and Gaga are actually morphing into the same person, because moments later I thought I spotted a red carpet crasher, but it was just Marc Anthony who looked as though he’d been halfway through his Sunday stack at The Griddle when he realized, “Shit, that award show is tonight.”  His former better half, Jennifer Lopez, more than made up for his failworthy flannel with a high energy tribute to Celia Cruz.  It wasn’t all cringeworthy though.  Watching Rihanna accept the Icon Award from her mother even made me tear up and Christina Aguilera’s soft vocals during her performance with A Great Big World had me fall in love with her all over again.  Just when I started to think that maybe this award show was bringing back a little bit of class to the music world, Miley showed up in a cat covered two piece leotard and I had a hard time deciding which cat to look at because the one lip synching behind her kind of stole the show.

But alas, what we (at least I) bother watching award shows for… the fashion.  If you weren’t wearing white, you were wearing black- or a combo of the two.  This, of course, makes me happy because my second favorite “color” behind black is white.  If you weren’t wearing one of my two favorite shades, you were wearing metallics or heating things up in fiery reds and oranges.  To be clear, just because I post it below doesn’t mean I like it.  It just means it happened and I firmly believe in being informed.  Rihanna, Nicole Richie, Ciara, and a very Kardashian-esque Naya Rivera were a few of my favorites, while most of the others left plenty of room for improvement.

Great White:

miley cyrus amasNicole Richie in Emilio Pucci, Christina Aguilera in Maria Lucia Hohan, Miley Cyrus in Versus Versace, Zendaya in Donna Karan

Bad Bitches are the New Black:

rihanna-naya-rivera-american-music-awardsNaya Rivera in Michael Kors, Rihanna in Jean Paul Gaultier, Jamie Alexander, Ke$ha in Michael Costello

heidi-klum-ciara-american-music-awardsHeidi Klum in Marchesa, Ciara in J. Mendel, Jordin Sparks in Jovani Couture, Katy Perry in Oscar de la Renta

Black and White and Chic All Over:

kylie-kendall-jenner-zoe-saldana-american-music-awardsDaisy Fuentes, Zoe Saldana in Roland Mouret, Kendall Jenner & Kylie Jenner

Bright Like Diamonds:

emma-roberts-taylor-swift-american-music-awardsEmma Roberts in Lanvin, Taylor Swift in Julien Macdonald, Kelly Osbourne Rami Al Ali, Giuliana Rancic

Girls on Fire:

ariana-grande-jennifer-hudson-american-music-awardsAriana Grande in Dolce & Gabbana, Aubrey O’Day, Rocsi Diaz, Jennifer Hudson in Dior



Would You Wednesday: Purple Pooch?

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whydid alessandra ambrosio ombre dogSo, here’s a photo of Alessandra Ambrosio strolling around town with her precious pooch… posing as her personal My Little Pony.  Pretty sure the last lunatic I documented doing this was Aubrey O’Day.  You want to be in the same boat with Ms. O’Day, Alessandra?  No?  Me neither.  I know I want a unicorn and all, but I’m not about to get a horn surgically implanted on Smitty‘s head.  Okay, fine, I might have clipped in some rainbow hair extensions once…

smitty gets rainbow hair extensionsbut the alternative would have been me chalking his hair like mine.  Since I didn’t want PETA calling, I’m fairly certain the alternative (clip in extensions) was the right move.  A few Pupparonis and all was forgiven.  He wasn’t left to walk around being the butt of all the bitches’ jokes at the dog park.  The same probably can’t be said for Alessandra’s poor pooch.  So what do we think, people?  Okay to color your pet to suit your mood?

bow wow wow,


Why Not Play Head Games?

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The summer is nearing its end, but it’s not going out without a fight.  The heat can be unbearable when trying to figure out what to wear- or what to do with your hair.  Speaking from experience, I know what type of havoc humidity and heat can wreak on one’s dome piece.  When all else fails, disguise that crazy fro with some cleverly placed hair accessories.  It will distract folks from whatever madness is going on from the neck up.

Might I suggest slopping some heavy conditioner on your fried tresses and tying them back in a sleek bun?  (I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t done this on more than one occasion).

1. Forever 21 Braided Rosette Headband, $4.80, 2. Belle Noel Honey Hexagon Hair Comb, $35, 3. Henri Bendel Debutante Studded Hair Tie, $58, 4. Urban Outfitters Studded Leather Bun Holder, $14, 5. Forever 21 Braided Peacock Feather Headwrap, $6.80, 6. Jennifer Behr Swarovski Encrusted Skinny Headband, $225

While we are all getting hyped up on hair candy, let’s not lose our heads.  You know my thoughts on feather extensions (NO) and I feel the same way about these crazy forehead straps parading as headbands.  Another rule of thumb- If Aubrey O’Day is doing it, you probably shouldn’t be.

Now go on and have a good hair day.




Photo via Elle.com

Why Did You Wear That: Aubrey O’Day

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I couldn’t choose just one hideous outfit, so I figure I would just dedicate an entire post to Aubrey O’Day (formerly of Danity Kane fame).


I don’t even have to see the rest of her outfit to know I hate it.  That headband is so stupid, there is no way there is any “saving grace” in the full length photo.  She has way too many different trends going on here. If you’re going to pick a stupid trend, pick just one.


Here is Aubrey as a transvestite.  I really don’t know what else to say.  Actually, some transvestites actually look better than Aubrey does here.


WTF is this?  I think Aubrey is confused.  Some of the time she looks like a very dirty girl, but here, she looks like she is in search of rainbows and cupcakes with her BFF, Rainbow Brite.  There is nothing nice to say about this outfit. So I won’t say anything (else).


Oh dear lord.  She has more than one of these frou frou ridiculous dresses. My bet- she’s wearing crotchless panties underneath.  Come on, this is the same girl who posed for Playboy not so long ago. You’re not fooling anyone with that dress, Aubs.


Aubrey was cleary in the McCain camp because there is no way she thought by wearing this shirt she would swing any votes for Obama.  She actually probably lost him a few. And DO NOT even get me started on what she is doing to that poor little dog.  Just because you want to look like a jerk, doesn’t mean that your pup does.  Leave him out of it.

Remember when Aubrey was that adorable and actually talented little thing on Making the Band? I won’t even lie, I  kind of liked her back then.  What happened to this girl?


It’s not too late, Aubrey.  A little make under and you’ll be good as new (or in this case old).