whydid alessandra ambrosio ombre dogSo, here’s a photo of Alessandra Ambrosio strolling around town with her precious pooch… posing as her personal My Little Pony.  Pretty sure the last lunatic I documented doing this was Aubrey O’Day.  You want to be in the same boat with Ms. O’Day, Alessandra?  No?  Me neither.  I know I want a unicorn and all, but I’m not about to get a horn surgically implanted on Smitty‘s head.  Okay, fine, I might have clipped in some rainbow hair extensions once…

smitty gets rainbow hair extensionsbut the alternative would have been me chalking his hair like mine.  Since I didn’t want PETA calling, I’m fairly certain the alternative (clip in extensions) was the right move.  A few Pupparonis and all was forgiven.  He wasn’t left to walk around being the butt of all the bitches’ jokes at the dog park.  The same probably can’t be said for Alessandra’s poor pooch.  So what do we think, people?  Okay to color your pet to suit your mood?

bow wow wow,