The summer is nearing its end, but it’s not going out without a fight.  The heat can be unbearable when trying to figure out what to wear- or what to do with your hair.  Speaking from experience, I know what type of havoc humidity and heat can wreak on one’s dome piece.  When all else fails, disguise that crazy fro with some cleverly placed hair accessories.  It will distract folks from whatever madness is going on from the neck up.

Might I suggest slopping some heavy conditioner on your fried tresses and tying them back in a sleek bun?  (I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t done this on more than one occasion).

1. Forever 21 Braided Rosette Headband, $4.80, 2. Belle Noel Honey Hexagon Hair Comb, $35, 3. Henri Bendel Debutante Studded Hair Tie, $58, 4. Urban Outfitters Studded Leather Bun Holder, $14, 5. Forever 21 Braided Peacock Feather Headwrap, $6.80, 6. Jennifer Behr Swarovski Encrusted Skinny Headband, $225

While we are all getting hyped up on hair candy, let’s not lose our heads.  You know my thoughts on feather extensions (NO) and I feel the same way about these crazy forehead straps parading as headbands.  Another rule of thumb- If Aubrey O’Day is doing it, you probably shouldn’t be.

Now go on and have a good hair day.




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