Why Did You Wear That: Toot It and Boot It

By |October 16th, 2012|Why Did You Wear That?|

women in boots

You know what I like almost as much as cashmere sweaters, puppies, and unicorns?  Boots!  A great pair of boots (or twenty) makes winter and the impending arctic ice storms (almost) bearable.  In addition to the standard short black bootie, knee high boots, and riding boots, there are four trend heavy boots I’ve picked up on for this fall…and you should too.  Toss one (or two, or three, or four) of these styles into your regularly scheduled program to kick things up a bit (had to).

boot trends fall 20121.  MICHAEL Michael Kors Rosalyn Booties, $139.50,  2. Gucci Lace Up Leater Ankle Boots, $760, 3. Sam Edelman Lace Up Platform Booties, $225, 4. Seychelles Suede Lac Up Ankle Boot, $130, 5. Ash Nevada Ankle Boot, $295, 6. Alexander McQueen Studded Leather Ankle Boots, $1,185, 7. Frye Jenna Disc Short Booties, $348, 8. Deena & Ozzy Stud Moto Boot, $89,  9. Sam Edelman Keegan Tassel Booties, $225, 10. Christian Louboutin Pouliche 70 Fringed Suede Boots, $2,195, 11. 7 for All Mankind Mirage Fringe Ankle Boot, $325, 12. Carlos by Carlos Santana Ringo Boot, $149.95, 13. KORS Michael Kors Wayland Bootie, $325, 14. Isabel Marant Dicker Suede Ankle Boots, $565, 15. Dolce Vita JuJu Suede Ankle Boot, $119, 16. Madewell The Barnwood Booties, $198

Boot, scoot, boogie.



Would You Wednesday: Need a Lift?

By |June 13th, 2012|Why Did or Why Don't?|

 ash wedge cool sneakersAsh Cool Wedge Sneakers, $235 (the black and white seem to be sold out everywhere)

Remember when I blogged about the ever growing trend of celebrities sporting sneakers?  Well, I went ahead and took my own advice and got myself some kick ass kicks.  I mean, it’s very rare that we, ladies, win out.  Something that is in style as well as comfortable?  Yes, please!  I like the look of super casual sneakers with an ultra feminine frock or short shorts.  (I love contradictions, remember?).

So, I got a pair of these Ash wedge sneakers, but have yet to take them on their maiden voyage .  I can’t decide if I love them or loathe them.  From the front, I adore them… but then I turn to the side… ash cool wedge sneakersand I kind of abhor them.

The wedge makes me feel like I’m wearing lifts in my shoes… kinda like Tom Cruise.  I’m just wondering: does the wedge make a shoe that should be so nonchalant look altogether fussy?  Shall we just stick to good ol’ fashion flat sneakers, like my Reebok Dibellos?  They have been cool for the past 125 years, afterall.  To me, putting a wedge in an athletic shoe is kind of like pretending Drake never played Jimmy Brooks on Degrassi.  But that’s just me.  Thoughts?

Play ball!




Look for Less: Leather Weather

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So maybe you’re not the “skin”tight leather dress kinda girl.  That’s okay, cause you can still incorporate leather into your life in a more casual, less Catwoman way.  From Paris to LA, celebrities have been seen sporting their second skins all over town.  While the look is undoubtedly sexy, it can be expensive.  That’s why there are some great faux leather (or “vegan” as we’re calling it now- tomato, tomato) options out there.  This is one time when it’s okay to fake the funk.

1. Rachel Zoe Bianca Sequin Top, $275, 2. Top Shop Faux Leather Skinny Trousers, $66, 3. MICHAEL Michael Kors Sloan Oversized Clutch, $248, 4. Blu Bijoux Gold Tear Drop Multi Strand Earrings, $46, 5. La Fenice Eden Suede Platform Booties, $175

1. J. Crew Burnout Linen T-Shirt, $35, 2. Express (Minus the) Leather Seamed Mini Skirt, $59.90, 3. Forever21 Oval Sunglasses, $5.80, 4. Top Shop Mixed Fabric Chain Bag, $56, 5. Ash Hidden Platform Leather Pump, $195

1. Vince Hi Lo Sweater, $159.99, 2. Karl Lagerfeld for Impulse Skinny Faux Leather Pants, $99, 3. Cara Leather and Metal Cuff, $31.90, 4. Kelsi Dagger Teya Studded Platform Pumps, $149




P.S. Might I point out that both pairs of  “leather” pants on here are not leggings.  Please do not go strutting around town in pleather leggings without a top long enough to cover your v-dot. 


Why Did You Wear That: All Aboard The Ugly Express. Choo! Choo!

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Dear Juicy Track Suit Wearer,

2001 called, they’d like their velour leisure suit back.


All of us

Seriously, if I see one more chick in the airport… or just in general… wearing a “track suit” as appropriate casual wear, I’m gonna flip. Like Carrie Underwood I just found out my man’s cheating kind of flip. I understand that we all want to be comfy when traveling (especially since not all of us are flying first class and sometimes get stuck in a middle seat sandwiched between two big’uns). Being comfortable does NOT mean that you need to look like you crawled out of a Pound Puppy factory.  Your warm and fuzzy jumpsuit isn’t giving anyone besides you the “warm and fuzzies.” And besides, do you really want the word “Juicy” written across your ass? Nothing about that sounds flattering.

Exhibits A, B, C, and D:


51K2BD361QL__AA280_Eva Longoria


Catching my drift? Remember when Paris Hilton used to live in these things? Do you want to have anything in common with P. Hil (besides her checking account)? Didn’t think so. So, to avoid any second hand embarrassment on my part, let’s get you into something comfortable AND stylish.

Now is one of those times where leggings (not worn as pants) might come in handy.  Layer some leggings with a long tunic and/or yummy cashmere sweater (it gets chilly on those planes). Put on some flat boots (They don’t have to be flat, mind you, I’m just going for comfort. Bravo to you if you want to wear heels) and you’re good to go. Here’s a visual:


(sans lace gloves, obvi. Chanel bag optional).

A few more options if this is still not clear for you:



She’s even making “jeggings” look cool.



The trick is layering. It gives you versatility and you can take on or off depending on temperature and comfort. This is an extreme example, but you get the point (I hope).

I’m about to make this REALLY easy for you…

travel outfit

So Low Long Leggings, $51, Nightcap Clothing Cashmere Poncho Scarf Sweater, $532, Wilt Hi Lo Tank, $86, Ash Pearl Over the Knee Boots, $323.40, Alexander Wang Daphne duffel bag, $623, Carrera Champion Sunglasses, $120

All available at shopbop.com

Bon voyage!