broken record

Oh, why yes, today is Friday the 13th.  What a perfect day for things to suck!  I can barely even see straight so just writing this is going to be a feat in and of itself.  If there are type-o’s or I can’t quite form a cohesive sentence, deal with it.  I am.

  1. Having to pretend I care.  (pssst- I don’t).
  2. Men in tank tops.  Seriously, just stop. ed hardy man tank top
  3. The morning after.
  4. Having to break the news that your +1 has gone to +none.
  5. Sitting down at a desk to write this list and seeing this bitch staring back at me: sports illustrated irina shayk
  6. When your chapstick has melted unbeknownst to you and then you open it and start to apply it only to give yourself an at home wax.
  7. Picking up a drink and thinking it’s going to be one thing, say water, and it turning out to be something else, say vodka.
  8. Mushrooms.
  9. Applying so much eye cream that you look at yourself in the mirror midday and realize that your mascara is now on your cheeks.  Cool.
  10. Your face.