designer closetA lot of you are probably doing some spring cleaning of your closets and while that is all good and fine (actually it’s applaudable), why not really give your closet a full fledged makeover?  Having an organized closet is not just about purging it of the old and re-hanging what’s left behind shape and color.  (If you need a refresher course in the art of closet cleaning, click right here).

Instead of just re-organizing what you’ve got, why don’t you go ahead and give your beloved closet a little extra aesthetic appeal?  Take a look at your closet.  Look at your hangers.  Seriously, look.  There are plastic ones, mismatched ones, clippy ones and even –gasp– wire ones.  You love your clothes so much, why on Earth don’t you treat them better?  They deserve a little respect, no?  I mean the top that accents your delicate cleavage without making you look like a tart.  The trousers that perfectly drape over your toned behind.  Your clothes are working hard to make you look good.  Show them some love, goddammit.

Recently, my best pal, Katie, decided to give her closet a mini overhaul and I convinced her that she NEEDED to make the switch to velvet hangers in the process.  These hangers are not new to the market, but if you haven’t heard about them or you have yet to convert… now’s the time to do so.  Not only do they take up (literally) half as much space, they keep all your strappy straps stuck on and they just look a lot nicer.  Proof:

closet plastic hangers

closet velvet hangersAsk Katie if she loves her new hangers.  (She’s shaking her pretty head “yes”).  My closet has been 94.2% converted completely to these hangers and I will never go back.  Buy them in bulk or do it little by  little, but seriously… just do it.

velvet hangersJoy Mangano Huggable Hangers

Cleaning out your closet can be hard, but just hang in there.




image via Elle Decor