So, last night I decided it was time to finally clean out my closet (again). I mean, sure, I could have been dancing on the banquettes at Butter, but I figured this would be much more productive. Plus, I couldn’t find anything to wear.

I moved into a new apartment in June, so you would have thought that would take care of some of the extra clutter. Not so much.

I had been dreading this for so long, but after realizing that I hadn’t seen the floor to my bedroom in the last six months, I knew it was time. I was essentially living in a closet. I also noticed that I was late every single morning due to the sheer fact that I could NEVER find the piece of clothing I was actually looking for.

I’m figuring there are some of you out there who also are due for a little closet cleanse, so I’ve compiled a little list of helpful tips:

  1. When is the last time you wore it? Seriously… If you can’t remember, it’s time to pitch it.
  2. If there are holes (other than arms, legs, and neck), chuck it.
  3. Your ex bought it for you? Buh-bye.
  4. Sequins. Gone.
  5. Does it even still fit? No? Well, then either get to the gym or toss it.
  6. If you wouldn’t want your friends to see it, burn it.
  7. If it looks like something Donna wore on the original 90210, time to go.
  8. Midriff baring? Outta here.
  9. Still has tags on it and you bought it 2 years ago? It was clearly a poor purchase.
  10. Your niece has the same thing in pink? Adios.
  11. And lastly, if you don’t love it, it’s merely taking up precious (especially if you live in NY) space in your closet. Make room for something you really love.

I feel like a whole new woman now that my cloest has been cleansed.

*Note: this is not my actual closet. I only WISH mine were that big.