kerstin-lipsSo, as girly as I am, there are two things that I just can’t seem to keep a handle on. Lipstick and nail polish. I’ve mentioned before that my nails are chipped more often than not. To go along with that, I really just CAN’T be bothered with applying and reapplying lipstick. I once tried one of those “long wearing” red lipsticks and was horrified that halfway through the night I looked like I’d sucked the blood from a baby pig (or just a reject from the next Twilight installment). This is why you’ll probably only catch me with some lipgloss, chapstick, or nothing on my lips.

For a while I was happy using Benetint for double duty on both lips and cheeks, but despite the berry stained color, it did nothing to moisturize my lips. So while perusing Sephora (that place is dangerous) waiting to meet up with friends for an afternoon cocktail, I stumbled upon something brilliant from Tarte:

6a00e5504d1b2f88330128778c9f34970c-800wiTarte Natural Lip Stain with LipSurgence, $24

This little gem combines both a stain with a moisturizing technology called Lipsurgence (6000% increase in lip moisture!) and is completely free of parabens and sulfates.  I picked “Charmed” which appeared to be a very light pink. (I tested it on the back of my hand). It has a minty scent/taste (not sure which?), and glides on smooth. I must warn you, the color is much more saturated on the lips, so I was more bubblegum pink than sheer pink. I suggest testing on your lips before purchasing. My lips stayed smooth and moisturized for a lot longer than lipgloss and even chapstick, not to mention that the color certainly does last (so make sure you like the color!). I use it all the time despite the Barbie pink shade. My girlfriend laughed at me while wearing it during our run on the Hudson the other day. Whatevs, you never know who you’ll meet!