Gift Guide: Jet, Set, Go

By |December 15th, 2015|Gift Guide|

airplane wingHaving just flown five hours from Hawaii to California and planning to fly another five hours back to New York later this week, the importance of having all the right tools to stay comfortable while looking cool became leg cramping painfully clear.  Other than having their own airport lounge available on call or a guarantee that they will get the entire row to themselves, there are several items that any frequent flyer on your holiday shopping list would appreciate receiving for their in flight entertainment.

Rather than doling out cash for a synthetic blanket that can only cover either your upper arms or your ankles (take your pick) or those janky headphones that make you feel as though you may be going deaf in your left ear (time to schedule an appointment with the local audiologist), prepare your loved ones with all they need to fly the friendly skies.  A cashmere blanket set, functional headphones, heavy duty lip balm, pens are always a great choice and travel guides for their final destination are both thoughtful and useful.  You may not be able to protect them from a crying baby or the guy who brought his salami sandwich on board, but you certainly can ease their airport anxiety with the gifts below.

travel holiday gift guide1. Original & Mineral Hair Travel Essentials Kit, 2. Rodin Lip Balm, 3. Chinti and Parker Cashmere Travel Set, 4. Graphic Image Personalized Leather Luggage Tag, 5. Eddie Harrop The Voyager Fringed Textured Leather Weekend Bag, 6. FRENDS x Mira Mikati Taylor Eyes Headphones, 7. Books with Style The New York Times 36 Hours: Europe, 8. Flight 001 SpacePak Travel Bag Set, 9. MCM Rabbit Passport Holder, 10. Anya Hindmarch Vanity Kit Patent Leather Trimmed Cosmetics Case, 11. LUXE City Guides Fashion Gift Box, 12. Globe Trotter Safari Leather Trimmed Fiberboard Vanity Case


Why Did You Wear That: Aubrey O’Day

By |March 20th, 2009|Celebrity Style, Why Did You Wear That?|

I couldn’t choose just one hideous outfit, so I figure I would just dedicate an entire post to Aubrey O’Day (formerly of Danity Kane fame).


I don’t even have to see the rest of her outfit to know I hate it.  That headband is so stupid, there is no way there is any “saving grace” in the full length photo.  She has way too many different trends going on here. If you’re going to pick a stupid trend, pick just one.


Here is Aubrey as a transvestite.  I really don’t know what else to say.  Actually, some transvestites actually look better than Aubrey does here.


WTF is this?  I think Aubrey is confused.  Some of the time she looks like a very dirty girl, but here, she looks like she is in search of rainbows and cupcakes with her BFF, Rainbow Brite.  There is nothing nice to say about this outfit. So I won’t say anything (else).


Oh dear lord.  She has more than one of these frou frou ridiculous dresses. My bet- she’s wearing crotchless panties underneath.  Come on, this is the same girl who posed for Playboy not so long ago. You’re not fooling anyone with that dress, Aubs.


Aubrey was cleary in the McCain camp because there is no way she thought by wearing this shirt she would swing any votes for Obama.  She actually probably lost him a few. And DO NOT even get me started on what she is doing to that poor little dog.  Just because you want to look like a jerk, doesn’t mean that your pup does.  Leave him out of it.

Remember when Aubrey was that adorable and actually talented little thing on Making the Band? I won’t even lie, I  kind of liked her back then.  What happened to this girl?


It’s not too late, Aubrey.  A little make under and you’ll be good as new (or in this case old).



Why Did You Wear That: Baywatch Out

By |March 19th, 2009|Celebrity Style, Why Did You Wear That?|

Oh Pam…  It’s hard for me to do this, but…


You are no longer the young C.J. Parker of your Baywatch glory days.  Though I must say, you have hung in there pretty well.  There is really not much wrong with the actual outfit itself, it’s just the execution.  The dress is a nice color and your shoes are fantastic.  However, stretch charmeuse is difficult for even the tiniest of women to pull off without weird bumps and lines.


I’m not sure if you are familiar with the term, FUPA, but that is what this is.  Might I introduce you to Spanx?  Listen, no one can rock a one piece the way Pam used to, but sometimes we need to come to terms with getting older and needing to wear shaping undergarments.  No shame in that.

I’m sure it is difficult for a beautiful woman once known as a sex symbol to age, but I sincerely hope that Pam starts to tone it down and age gracefully.  Not going to hold my breath, but it’s a nice thought.




Why Did You Wear That: Subway Style

By |March 16th, 2009|Why Did You Wear That?|


What do you think the actual chances of this man having a legitimate need for a cane/walking stick are?  Judging by his douchey pocket square, shades tucked in shirt, and class ring, I’m going to go with a 2.4% chance. (I must also mention that this gentleman was between the ages of 36-42).  You can’t get the whole effect from just this picture.  I’m sorry, I would have taken a full length shot, but the woman next to him was sitting full on spread eagle in a skirt and I didn’t want to capture that on film.  I got off the train before he did, but I would be interested to see how he juggled his coffee, newspaper, and “cane.”

Happy Monday!



Why Did Did You Wear That: Don’tcha

By |March 13th, 2009|Celebrity Style, Why Did You Wear That?|

I found this photo to be a teeny bit concering:


For several reasons.

  • This is Nicole Scherzinger (of the Pussycat Dolls) in case you had no idea, which I wouldn’t blame you for.
  • Since when are saris/burkas worn by random civilians who are not required to wear them?
  • Since when are saris/burkas worn with jeans and hoe boots?
  • I am confused, is it hot or cold outside?
  • When is the last time Nicole ate a meal? Someone fetch this woman a sandwich.
  • How many times has she watched Slumdog Millionaire?