Setting the Mood: Vortex- The Escape

By |January 6th, 2014|Setting the Mood|

winter inspiration boardHappy Monday– and welcome, polar vortex.    While literal deadly cold temperature descend on most of the country, the west coast seems to have been spared.  So, I’ll leave out the fact that I’m writing this in my sports bra with the sliding glass doors open ’cause that would just be cruel.  Speaking of complete and utter sadism, forcing one to leave the toasty confines of his or her home just to enter a few numbers in an excel sheet and return banal emails seems completely unreasonable.  Sadly, not all executives share my exemplary work ethic and therefore many of you have braved the vortex bundled in winter’s bulkiest wares.  And while you may think there’s no other way to survive such flesh freezing temperatures without resembling that of the Michelin Man in said puffer coat and Uggs, it is actually possible to look wonderful in a environment resembling less than a storybook Winter Wonderland.

fur accessoriesKarl Donoghue Belted Shearling Trimmed Leather Coat, Gucci Rabbit and Leather Earmuffs, Eugenia Kim Elodie Rabbit Gloves, Lanvin Asiatic Raccoon One Sleeve Stole

See ya when it’s over. xx, WhyDid

Would You Wednesday: Ugh. UGG.

By |May 30th, 2012|Why Did or Why Don't?|

ugg bridalA lot of laughter with mom and a little too much wine left me a bit hungover the other day.  Just about the time I started to feel better, you know around 5pm when the whole day has been a wash, my dear friend sent me this link.  All the feelings of nausea returned.  Plus,  I got the shakes.  WHAT?!  It would appear that UGG is capitalizing on the billion dollar bridal market by designing their own offering in wedding day footwear.  When is this going to stop?

bridal shoesIt started off innocently enough with brides choosing comfort over couture by wearing tasteful flats and delicately adorned sandals.  Not my cup of tea, but understandable.  Then all hell broke loose and any and all rules went out the window.  Brides started wearing Converse, cowboy boots, and TOMS under their gorgeous gowns.  The days of elegance, glamor, and femininity are long gone.  Modern brides seem to be trying to come up with new and clever ways to make their mothers (not to mention grandmothers) grimace.  What’s wrong with a classic pump or bejeweled heel?

What’s next?  Crocs?  Oh wait…

groomsmen in crocsCan you still get that annulled?  Well, I guess you guys’ve thought of everything, haven’t you?  I remember feeling bummed that I might have to wear flats on my own wedding day, so I can’t even begin to fathom wanting to wear anything less than five inches and fabulous on my stroll down the aisle towards eternal bliss.  So, my question is:  Are we doing this?



Why Did You Wear That: A Sneaking Suspicion

By |January 31st, 2012|Celebrity Style, Why Did You Wear That?|

Maybe you aren’t the ballet flat type of gal, but your tired feet need a bit of a vacation from the daily torture and masochism of skyscraper stilettos.  No longer for athletes and hip hop moguls alone, the designer sneaker is having a major moment right now.  So rather than the dainty flats you’re used to, you can now slip into something more comfortable that is actually stylish (and they’re not Uggs).  I’m also not talking about white sneakers and tights like those of the commuting professional.  That will never be okay with me.  These chic designer sneaks are the answer to your poor aching feet and they are sure to thank you for it… maybe not your wallet, but definitely your feet.

1. Lanvin Diamond Print Canvas and Leather High Top Sneakers, $775, 2. Miu Miu Anthracite Glitter Studded Cap Toe Hi Top Sneakers, $396, 3. Isabel Marant Betty Leather and Suede Sneakers, $680, 4. Converse Leather Sequin High Tops, $90, 5. Nike Dunk High Casual Shoes, $81.99, 6. Pierre Hardy Metallic Leather High Top Sneakers, $650, 7. DSQUARED2 High Top Sneakers, $348, 8. Miu Miu Patent Leather High Top Sneakers, $495, 9. Christian Louboutin Louis Jeweled Sneaker, $2,395, 10. Giuseppe Zanotti Studded Metallic Leather Sneakers, $850




Why Did You Wear That: Ten Things I Hate About You(r Clothes)

By |August 8th, 2010|Why Did You Wear That?|
So, while perusing the internet, it occurred to me that people are making fashion faux pas and probably not even realizing it. These may just be minor things, but they are like nails on a chalkboard for me. They aren’t the obvious mistakes like VPL or wearing white after Labor Day. Here are ten mistakes you may be making without even realizing.

1. Heavy belts on light fabrics.Picture 1

2. Belts over shirts at hip level.18173203_111_a

3. Greys that don’t match.00370m

4. Matching your bag to your shoes (or vice versa).3614922884_7e9e7cbf31_o

5. Casual fabric at formal affairs.6222_1_493_p

6. Cuffed jeans.Picture 2

7. Sleeveless turtlenecks.6a00d8341c624253ef00e54f1eed948833-640wi

8. Chunky flip flops.1181715537-15073_full

9. UGGs in the summer… or anytime for that matter.chunky boots.JPG

10. LEGGINGS AS PANTS!!Nickelodeon+2009+Kids+Choice+Awards+1e9fJxhbuYHl



Why Did You Wear That: There’s a Time and a Place

By |July 29th, 2010|Why Did You Wear That?|

While strolling the aisles of Target picking up the essentials (toilet paper, bottled water, more SATC DVD’s, tampons, etc.), we stumbled upon this:


I mean, really? It was 7pm on a Wednesday evening. WHERE are you going?

photoWHAT are you shopping for?

photo_2Why? Why? WHY?

Listen, I appreciate a gal who puts pride into her appearance, but this? Just too much. There certainly is a time and place for everything. I am not, by ANY means, suggesting that homegirl should be strutting through Target with a Juicy tracksuit and Uggs (heaven forbid), but there is such a thing as overkill. Regardless of the fact that her outfit looks like a leftover from the Clueless wardrobe closet, she is totally overdressed for running errands. And no, I don’t believe she is going somewhere super fun afterwards and just had to pop into Target on the way.

Always keep in mind the place you are going and what is appropriate attire. No one wants to be the only one who jumps in the pool at a party.

All I know is that I hope she got the stock boy’s digits at least.