So, while perusing the internet, it occurred to me that people are making fashion faux pas and probably not even realizing it. These may just be minor things, but they are like nails on a chalkboard for me. They aren’t the obvious mistakes like VPL or wearing white after Labor Day. Here are ten mistakes you may be making without even realizing.

1. Heavy belts on light fabrics.Picture 1

2. Belts over shirts at hip level.18173203_111_a

3. Greys that don’t match.00370m

4. Matching your bag to your shoes (or vice versa).3614922884_7e9e7cbf31_o

5. Casual fabric at formal affairs.6222_1_493_p

6. Cuffed jeans.Picture 2

7. Sleeveless turtlenecks.6a00d8341c624253ef00e54f1eed948833-640wi

8. Chunky flip flops.1181715537-15073_full

9. UGGs in the summer… or anytime for that matter.chunky boots.JPG

10. LEGGINGS AS PANTS!!Nickelodeon+2009+Kids+Choice+Awards+1e9fJxhbuYHl