ugg bridalA lot of laughter with mom and a little too much wine left me a bit hungover the other day.  Just about the time I started to feel better, you know around 5pm when the whole day has been a wash, my dear friend sent me this link.  All the feelings of nausea returned.  Plus,  I got the shakes.  WHAT?!  It would appear that UGG is capitalizing on the billion dollar bridal market by designing their own offering in wedding day footwear.  When is this going to stop?

bridal shoesIt started off innocently enough with brides choosing comfort over couture by wearing tasteful flats and delicately adorned sandals.  Not my cup of tea, but understandable.  Then all hell broke loose and any and all rules went out the window.  Brides started wearing Converse, cowboy boots, and TOMS under their gorgeous gowns.  The days of elegance, glamor, and femininity are long gone.  Modern brides seem to be trying to come up with new and clever ways to make their mothers (not to mention grandmothers) grimace.  What’s wrong with a classic pump or bejeweled heel?

What’s next?  Crocs?  Oh wait…

groomsmen in crocsCan you still get that annulled?  Well, I guess you guys’ve thought of everything, haven’t you?  I remember feeling bummed that I might have to wear flats on my own wedding day, so I can’t even begin to fathom wanting to wear anything less than five inches and fabulous on my stroll down the aisle towards eternal bliss.  So, my question is:  Are we doing this?