Beauty Buzz: Love Me, Love Me Not

By |February 7th, 2013|Beauty Buzz|

curtis kulig love meBefore there was a Christian Louboutin next to the deli on my block (before a bag of chips cost $10), there used to be an art gallery with big glass windows.  Inside this gallery was a huge neon sign, a beacon of glowing red ligt in the night, that said, “Love Me.”  I wished so badly I had the wall space and cash to acquire this piece of art that’s basically my life’s motto.  Little did I know, this was from the same street artist who has made his mark all over New York, Los Angeles, and Tokyo with his signature, “Love Me”  campaign.  You may have seen it scribbled on everything from the side of a building to the side of a meat truck.  The man behind this beautiful mantra?  Curtis Kulig.  Not only is his message beautiful, he’s not too bad to look at, ladies.

curtis kuligBut alas, as all artists know, these bills won’t pay themselves.  His “Love Me” logo gained so much momentum that everyone from Vans to Urban Outfitters has tapped him to add a little love to their products.  And just in time for Valentine’s Day, he’s also teamed up with Smashbox, which may seem like an odd collaboration, but might be the most fitting as makeup application is actually a form of art.  These are the perfect little items to treat yourself or a friend to for Valentine’s Day and, of course, to spread a little love.

curtis kulig smashbox

Love Me Paint Pen Eyeliner, $24, Love Me Eyeshadow Palette, $34, Love Me Be Legendary Lipstick, $19, Love Me Blush, $28,

 curtis kulig love me buildingYou know you love me.




Monday Mashup: Welcome to the Darkside

By |April 2nd, 2012|Monday Mashup|

rihanna dyed hair blackRihanna’s hair is an ever evolving feature.  She’s gone long, short, dark, light.  And remember when she went red?  But why shouldn’t she have some fun with her hair.  She’s young, she’s creative, she’s got the best in the business fiddling with her follicles.  Well, she’s made another drastic change… except this one is a bit more traditional than you might expect from Riri.

On Saturday, she was blonde a la Goldie Hawn, but yesterday posted a pic of herself on Instagram with her hair back to black.  Personally, I love it.  I know it’s not as crazy as some of her other ‘do’s, but it much more flattering to her skin tone and really brings out her beautiful features.  Hey, blonde isn’t for everyone.  Isn’t that right, Sisqo?

What do you think?  Better blonde or brunette?



Would You Wednesday: Julia Roberts Edition

By |August 18th, 2010|Celebrity Style, Why Did or Why Don't?, Why Did You Wear That?|


God, I love Julia Roberts. I really, really do… but this outfit. I mean, come on. Here she is promoting Eat, Pray, Love in Tokyo wearing Dries Van Noten. I don’ t know (nor do I want to) who her shoes are by. All I do know is they don’t match. Jules, next time, you’d be better off sticking with your Pretty Woman wardrobe.


Tell Richard Gere to call me.