So, apparently Chris Brown dyed his hair back to its natural color this weekend.  This makes me think that one of his elders must have sat him down with a DVD of Sisqo’s music videos and gave him a long hard lecture about where his blonde ‘do might lead his career.  No, no, don’t worry about physically assaulting a woman or flipping out on Good Morning America.  What’s going to ruin your career, young man, is that damn highlighter blonde hair.  I know, Eminem tried it too, but even he has gone au naturale.  Besides, Chris… you are no Eminem.

All of Chris Brown’s snazzy new tats only leave me wondering whether or not he also copied Sisqo’s belly button ring of fire, aka one of the worst tattoos on record.

So are the rumors true? Do blondes really have more fun?

And in the off chance that you are part of the .027% of the population who doesn’t know what the Thong Song is…

dumps like a truck, truck, truck…





Photos via The Locative Case, The Fab Empire, News10