Why Did You Wear That: …Try Try Again (the Saga Continues)

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kirsten smith blogcontinued from yesterday… 

That Friday I met one of my best girlfriends for lunch at Morandi followed by a stroll through Soho to pick out the perfect dress for my perfect first date with my dually proclaimed “perfect fit.”  My go to for a first date involving dinner is something form fitting- suggestive enough, but leaving plenty to the imagination.  It’s like dating- don’t give it all up at once.  I already had an idea in my head and found something that fit the bill fairly quickly.  When I came out of the dressing room to gain approval from my friend and anyone else I could ask, the sales associate informed me that the dress could be spun around so the opening was in front.  Sold.  I probably wouldn’t expose my midriff during a first date (shocking, coming from the queen of crop tops), but how much fun would it be to go to the bathroom and return with the dress reversed?  Answer: Very.

It had been quite some time since I’d actually cared enough to purchase something new for a dude.  Typically on a first date, I’ll strategically wear red lipstick to send the surefire signal that there is absolutely no shot in hell that his tongue will ever know what my molars feel like.  Ever.  But in this instance, he was not only worth a new dress, but also new shoes.  In my mind, it was bashert.  And sure this sounds like it’s all about to end happily ever after, but what fun would that be and I’m sorry, have we met?

A couple of hours before I was to meet my future man friend for dinner at Narcissa, my illness or antibiotics sent me into a tailspin and I knew that I was certainly in no shape to be sitting at dinner spreading germs to my fellow diners.  Besides, this also meant I should not be kissing anyone but Smitty and that was going to be far too difficult.  As to not be selfish, I called to cancel.  I was almost shocked at how understanding he was, but we spent the rest of the evening texting about our would be date.  On Saturday, he called to check on the sickling.  We talked for a while and I assured him we would see each other soon enough.

Then a funny thing happened… I didn’t hear from him again.  Turns out, New York dating is a lot like New York real estate.  You wait too long to put in an offer and someone else will scoop it up.  I haven’t decided whether I’m on or off the market again, but I suppose I’ll entertain any interesting offers.

kirsten smith nyc night7

kirsten smith

kirsten smith whydid

kirsten smith

kirsten smith nyc night6dress: Wilfred Free, jacket: DVF, shoes: Sam Edelman, bag: Malini Murjani 



Why Did You Wear That: Park It

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why cant i feed the ducks

Growing up, I always loved to feed the ducks at Wheeling Park.  My animal obsession clearly began at an early age.  I gave up meat for several years as a kid because I realized that bacon came from pigs and at that time I was campaigning for a pot belly pig of my own.  I remember this particular park was full of animals.  They had a mini zoo complete with strutting peacocks.  So, it was sad to return to see that you aren’t even allowed to feed the ducks anymore.  Now, it’s just kind of a pond with paddle boats… hardly the magical playland that it used to be…

wheeling park pond

paddle boats duck pond

striped platform wedge sandals

straw clutch banglesearrings: random Soho street vendor, top: ISSI, jeans: Frankie B., clutch: vintage (mom), bracelets: it’s hard to tell, shoes: Steve Madden (I know!)

I’m ducking out now.



WhyDid Wisdom: Happily Ever After (Or at least for the next 72 days)

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This week’s WhyDid Wisdom is brought to you by the letters, D, U, and H.

So, I don’t like to talk about Kim or the rest of the Kardashian Klan because, well, they drive me KRAZY.  However, the events today leave me with no other choice.  While I saw Kim and Kris (Humphries)’s divorce coming a mile away, as I scrolled through Facebook and Twitter, it seems that some of you knuckleheads are not only surprised, but also upset.  Let me guess, you are the same folks who actually thought this three ring circus and 18 different spin off shows  were “real.”  You were really “rooting” for Kim and Kris, huh?  Well, newsflash, nothing on any of the Kardashian brand “reality” shows is real.  It’s poorly scripted TV.  They are not the Cosby’s and that is not real life.

Luckily, some of you seem to be (finally) getting the wake up call.  One such status update from someone said, “I bet this whole wedding was a PR stunt.”  Oh, wow, somebody call MENSA.  We’ve got a live one.  I’m not trying to be condescending, but come on guys, you didn’t really think this was anything more than an opportunity to trick you, advertisers, and sponsors out of time and money, did you?  Oh… you did.  That’s so sweet.  Well, sugar, face the facts.  You got played.

But don’t feel bad because you know what?  I’m not just annoyed with the American public.  This is a lesson for brands out there everywhere (cough, Vera).  Come on, you should have known better.  Affiliating yourself with something like this is not good for business.  Did you really need to sell out for something as cheap, tawdry, and contrived as a reality TV wedding?  Have some standards.

Sure, some say Kim is a “good businesswoman” but some could also say the same about Bernie Madoff.  Just because they figured out how to make money, doesn’t mean they did it the right way or with even an ounce of integrity.

Here’s the deal.  It’s okay to be pissed off about this, but not because you’re sad that there isn’t going to be another Kim and Kris Making Babies spin off.  It’s okay to be pissed that this family exploited the sacred vows of marriage to make a quick (eighteen million) bucks.  It’s okay to be pissed that NONE of that money was given to charity.  It’s okay to be pissed that our gay and lesbian friends aren’t even allowed to get married in this country.  It’s okay to be pissed that they had the audacity to have a wedding registry.  And it’s most certainly okay to be pissed that such a gauche display of wealth was televised and consumed by so many when there are families in our very own backyards who don’t have enough to pay for groceries this month.

But don’t you dare be pissed and then even think about picking up the remote to watch yet another vapid brain melting morally corrupt episode of “Blah Blah Insert Kardashian Name Here.”  Because if this didn’t teach you a lesson, then you’re just as much to blame for it as Kim.  Without you (and that pesky sex tape), she’d be nothing but a girl selling clothes in the Valley (good one, Kris).




Photo via The New York Observer

Beauty Buzz: The Art of Beauty

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This morning I was lucky enough to be asked to volunteer my face for a makeup class that Linda Mason was teaching at her workshop in Soho. I remembered that many, many moons ago, Ms. Mason was the makeup artist for a runway show that I was in.  That particular show was a bit “abstract” (read- I had plants in my hair and a yellow triangle on my eye), so I wasn’t exactly sure what I had gotten myself into, but was very pleasantly surprised.

Today, the students were learning about “bridal makeup.”   Linda wanted me to tell them what kind of bride I would like to be. Ha! This has got to be a sick joke.  I have no idea what type of bride I would like to be. So, I guess that made me the “indecisive bride.”  Anyway, Linda did a demonstration for the students on my face where she played with different styles. My right eye was a soft, romantic bride while the left was more glamourous and sexy. She filled in my lips with pink and then red. She added shadow and tweaked liner. She was able to create several different looks with just little changes to my makeup. Each one was more stunning than the next. This woman is clearly a genius, I decided.

The students then took a break and my face was cleaned off. When they got back, the students got a chance to recreate the looks. A young lady taking her first makeup course was in charge of my next look. I was not facing a mirror, so I had no idea what she was doing. I snuck a glance or two and saw that she was using shades of blue and coral, and I’m not going to lie, I got a little bit nervous. I figured I was about to be “80’s bride.”  However, when she was finished, I was amazed. She did a wonderful job and I left Linda’s workshop looking like a supermodel.

Chatting with Linda, you would never realize that she has quite the resume. She’s charming and sweet, but don’t be fooled.  She’s painted the faces of models, actresses, and celebrities (Charlize Theron, Naomi Campbell, Joan Jett, Sarah Ferguson to name a few).

If you are a bride who knows what kind of bride she’d like to be, you are an aspiring makeup artist, or you just love makeup, you need to get down to The Art of Beauty.  I know that when(if) the big day comes for me, I will most definitely entrust my face to Linda Mason.

The Art of Beauty -Linda Mason

26 Grand Street



Why Did You Wear That: Did You NOT Get the Memo?

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So apparently, not everyone got the memo about what kind of shorts are deemed “acceptable” as winter shorts.  Walking around yesterday, I spotted not one, but THREE girls sporting cut off denim shorts and tights.

I get it, you love tights, you love cut off shorts… why not just wear them together?? Because it looks stupid.  That’s why.  I love tights and denim shorts myself, but not together.  And I understand you’re feeling a little confused about this bipolar weather we’ve been experiencing in New York lately, but hold off on the cut-offs. It’s still only February.

Maybe some photos will help you reconsider your choice of mixing tights and Daisy Dukes: (more…)