So apparently, not everyone got the memo about what kind of shorts are deemed “acceptable” as winter shorts.  Walking around yesterday, I spotted not one, but THREE girls sporting cut off denim shorts and tights.

I get it, you love tights, you love cut off shorts… why not just wear them together?? Because it looks stupid.  That’s why.  I love tights and denim shorts myself, but not together.  And I understand you’re feeling a little confused about this bipolar weather we’ve been experiencing in New York lately, but hold off on the cut-offs. It’s still only February.

Maybe some photos will help you reconsider your choice of mixing tights and Daisy Dukes:




Having second thoughts yet?  I couldn’t for the life of me figure out WHO exactly had spurred this onslaught of young ladies parading around in these silly outfits.  Surely, it couldn’t have been Katie Holmes alone.  And THEN… I saw it.


Right there in the window of Intermix in Soho.  This photo taken with my very own little phone.  How could you do this, Intermix?  Do you not realize that girls walk by your windows and get inspired? Do you not realize your power?  It’s not nice to pull pranks on people.  I mean, this has to be a joke, right?  You aren’t actually endorsing this trend are you?

Either way, ladies… I hope that you have seen the light and realize that some things just do not go together, like tights and denim shorts.

Okay, carry on.