This week’s WhyDid Wisdom is brought to you by the letters, D, U, and H.

So, I don’t like to talk about Kim or the rest of the Kardashian Klan because, well, they drive me KRAZY.  However, the events today leave me with no other choice.  While I saw Kim and Kris (Humphries)’s divorce coming a mile away, as I scrolled through Facebook and Twitter, it seems that some of you knuckleheads are not only surprised, but also upset.  Let me guess, you are the same folks who actually thought this three ring circus and 18 different spin off shows  were “real.”  You were really “rooting” for Kim and Kris, huh?  Well, newsflash, nothing on any of the Kardashian brand “reality” shows is real.  It’s poorly scripted TV.  They are not the Cosby’s and that is not real life.

Luckily, some of you seem to be (finally) getting the wake up call.  One such status update from someone said, “I bet this whole wedding was a PR stunt.”  Oh, wow, somebody call MENSA.  We’ve got a live one.  I’m not trying to be condescending, but come on guys, you didn’t really think this was anything more than an opportunity to trick you, advertisers, and sponsors out of time and money, did you?  Oh… you did.  That’s so sweet.  Well, sugar, face the facts.  You got played.

But don’t feel bad because you know what?  I’m not just annoyed with the American public.  This is a lesson for brands out there everywhere (cough, Vera).  Come on, you should have known better.  Affiliating yourself with something like this is not good for business.  Did you really need to sell out for something as cheap, tawdry, and contrived as a reality TV wedding?  Have some standards.

Sure, some say Kim is a “good businesswoman” but some could also say the same about Bernie Madoff.  Just because they figured out how to make money, doesn’t mean they did it the right way or with even an ounce of integrity.

Here’s the deal.  It’s okay to be pissed off about this, but not because you’re sad that there isn’t going to be another Kim and Kris Making Babies spin off.  It’s okay to be pissed that this family exploited the sacred vows of marriage to make a quick (eighteen million) bucks.  It’s okay to be pissed that NONE of that money was given to charity.  It’s okay to be pissed that our gay and lesbian friends aren’t even allowed to get married in this country.  It’s okay to be pissed that they had the audacity to have a wedding registry.  And it’s most certainly okay to be pissed that such a gauche display of wealth was televised and consumed by so many when there are families in our very own backyards who don’t have enough to pay for groceries this month.

But don’t you dare be pissed and then even think about picking up the remote to watch yet another vapid brain melting morally corrupt episode of “Blah Blah Insert Kardashian Name Here.”  Because if this didn’t teach you a lesson, then you’re just as much to blame for it as Kim.  Without you (and that pesky sex tape), she’d be nothing but a girl selling clothes in the Valley (good one, Kris).




Photo via The New York Observer