Why Did You Date Him: One Isn’t the Loneliest Number

By |February 10th, 2011|Why Did You Date Him?, WhyDid Wisdom|

As Valentine’s Day approaches, I know a lot of young ladies (and some of you men) are feeling a little down and out about spending this heart filled fuzzy wuzzy holiday alone.  Well, stop it.

The photo above is a little plaque my mom gave to me after a pretty shitty breakup (see where I get my sense of humor?).  I have never been the kind of girl who felt the need to have a boyfriend at all times.  Hell, I spent most of my college career single (and I didn’t even have Smitty yet!).  I enjoy hanging out with myself and I have dated enough to know that spending time with someone who sucks is more work than it’s worth.  Why would I want to spend my precious time entertaining some buffoon, when I could be rubbing my heels with a pumice stone or watching re-runs of SATC?  I’m being serious.

So many people are under the impression that if they are alone it says something about them.  I have seen and know quite a few people who are only in relationships because they feel it validates them in some way.  They’re completely miserable, but it’s totally better to be with someone crappy than be- gasp– alone, right?

I spent last Valentine’s Day with my dear, dear, TJ Kelly, eating cupcakes from Billy’s Bakery and making each other laugh.  It wasn’t that I didn’t have other offers (um, of course I did), but I would have preferred hanging with Teej any day of the week over forcing myself to spend the night with some d-bag who just wanted to get me liquored up and attempt to hump my leg later.  No, thanks!

Why can’t being single mean being confident?  Being single simply means you won’t settle for some average Joe and are holding out for Prince Charming. Duh.

Don’t let some silly holiday make you feel bad about being single.  Be happy that you aren’t stuck with a loser who you don’t even like.



WhyDid Wisdom: Frenemies Forever

By |September 16th, 2010|WhyDid Wisdom|


There’s nothing like having some great girlfriends, but sometimes the line between “friend” and “enemy” becomes a bit blurry. I want to go ahead and blame Sex and the City for this (among other things). For some reason, girls were led to believe that they should be living these totally “fab” lives with their besties in the big city. In reality, it is incredibly rare that four women (especially four who are so different) would have the time, energy, or even interest in maintaining such intense friendships. So, you start to wonder… are these my real friends or just friends out of convenience and appearance? Here’s a few ways to tell:

  1. Gossip Folks: Ever have a friend who constantly talks about her other friends or your mutual friends? Sure, it’s fun to dish the dirt, but it’s true what they say. Someone who talks about other people will most certainly talk about you the minute your back is turned. The best thing to do in these situations is keep your mouth shut and try to change the subject. People like this, will most likely go back to said “friends” and tell them that YOU were talking about them. If you can’t cut this person out of your life completely, cut the conversations with her short.
  2. Always a Bridesmaid: Girls can be very dangerous to one another and it’s really unfortunate. Instead of being happy for each other, there always seems to be some sort of competition and jealousy. Even (by even, I mean especially) between girlfriends. Rather than being elated that Nancy met the man of her dreams, Sue would rather talk trash about him and point out all of his flaws. If Nancy were to EVER to express any concerns about Mr. Right, Sue would be the first person to encourage her to leave him. Perhaps you should hold onto Mr. Right and leave Sue in the dust. A true friend will always be happy for you.
  3. Oh the Tangled Webs We Weave: Remember how Joan wanted to totally stay out of your fight with Karen? Remember when Joan said she liked to keep Karen at an arm’s length? Remember when Karen talked about what a ditz Joan is? What about when Joan called Karen cheap? How about when Betsy was introduced into the equation? Joan hated Betsy and Betsy thought Karen was a creep… So how come Joan, Karen, and Betsy are toasting cocktails and your ears are burning?
  4. Rose Tinted Glasses: Do you have a friend who always seems super happy about everything? Even when you know her boyfriend is full blown cheating on her, she hates her boss, and her dog just died, she has somehow managed to twist the story into something very different? (Girl… you need to get into PR with all that spin!). It’s incredibly difficult being friends with someone who doesn’t even tell you the truth. How on earth are you supposed to give her good advice on a situation that is totally fictional? On a sidenote, you wouldn’t even know she was lying to you if it hadn’t been for Frenemy #1 dishing the dirt.
  5. Get “Used” to It: Sometimes you’ve got to wonder why your pal always wants to hang out with you at Soho House or why they only come around when things are fun and there’s a good party. She doesn’t want to be your friend! She wants to you use your connections and invitations for her own enjoyment. She will suck you dry and the minute she thinks you have nothing left to offer, she’ll be outta there. Trust me, girlfriend, you’re better off.

Friendship isn’t something to “do” so that you can lead the SATC lifestyle. A real friend doesn’t care if you aren’t “on the list” and you’re having a bad hair day. Cut out the fat and focus on real friendship rather than your frenemies. Here’s a little ditty from Ke$ha that sums it up.



Why Did You Wear That: There’s a Time and a Place

By |July 29th, 2010|Why Did You Wear That?|

While strolling the aisles of Target picking up the essentials (toilet paper, bottled water, more SATC DVD’s, tampons, etc.), we stumbled upon this:


I mean, really? It was 7pm on a Wednesday evening. WHERE are you going?

photoWHAT are you shopping for?

photo_2Why? Why? WHY?

Listen, I appreciate a gal who puts pride into her appearance, but this? Just too much. There certainly is a time and place for everything. I am not, by ANY means, suggesting that homegirl should be strutting through Target with a Juicy tracksuit and Uggs (heaven forbid), but there is such a thing as overkill. Regardless of the fact that her outfit looks like a leftover from the Clueless wardrobe closet, she is totally overdressed for running errands. And no, I don’t believe she is going somewhere super fun afterwards and just had to pop into Target on the way.

Always keep in mind the place you are going and what is appropriate attire. No one wants to be the only one who jumps in the pool at a party.

All I know is that I hope she got the stock boy’s digits at least.