The List Volume XXIII

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I mean, there aren’t enough hours in the day for the annoyances that have shown up on my doorstep this week…

  1. Los Angeles.
  2. This onslaught of hot young actresses in “mom” jeans.
  3. The Real Housewives of DC. I hope there is not a second season.
  4. Ashlee Simpson’s new ‘do. Though her baby’s awfully cute.ashlee-simpson-new-blonde-pixie-bob-hairstyle-240bes101310
  5. WordPress… no, I didn’t need that last draft. No, seriously… it’s fine.
  6. Cat vomit. Thanks, Fluff.
  7. People who blatantly copy WhyDid and people who steal my gays. I mean I can’t.
  8. Zoe Saldana’s Calvin Klein commercial. It makes me really uncomfortable.
  9. People who can not just be happy for others. I do not need your lecture. Just smack me five and let’s move on.
  10. Jessica Simpson… just for good measure.

Luckily, I’m blonde… otherwise you’d be giving me grey hair.



The List Volume IX

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This list should be twenty rather than ten seeing as I went MIA last week. However, I have decided to keep it short and to the point. (You’re welcome).

  1. Dressing room floors. Band-aids and stray hairs galore. I can’t.
  2. Lady Gaga. I’ve had about enough of her for a little while.
  3. These:IMG_0897Now you’re just abusing the right to dress. (Thanks to Ryan Nickulas for sending along this little sweet treat).
  4. Screaming children on five hour flights. Control your offspring. Thanks.
  5. Taking your shoes off at airport security. There’s gotta be another way.
  6. And these:IMG00066-20100702-1539Yep, an entire wall of “jean” leggings. I believe they are calling these “jeggings.”
  7. Dreadlocks on white people. I’m talking to you, Crystal Bowersox. CrystalBowersox
  8. People who don’t refill the Brita/Pur/whichever pitcher. I’m thirsty too, jackass.
  9. Morning breath.
  10. Promoter text messages. I’m damn near forty. Please stop. I can’t sit through a din with 19 year old models anymore.

Until next week… Happy Fourth.



Boylesque? Why In Gay Hell Not?

By |February 15th, 2010|Why In Gay Hell?|

***WhyDid Warning- Again, this post is a bit racy (let’s say NC-17). Most certainly not for the faint of heart or easily offended.

Sooo, as many of you know it’s Fashion Week here in NYC. I, myself, have been immersed in this craziness doing glam nails for some really amazing designers, but we will blog about that later. In the midst of this fashion whirlwind, I decided to take a much needed break for some fun times with two of the funnest (yes, I said “funnest”) people I know: WhyDidYouWearThat and Mr. Ryan Darius Nickulas. I had recently heard about this Boylesque Show from a great new website I found called The Showt. The Showt is a biweekly email newsletter that gives you the inside track on the best of the best in fashion, nightlife, dining, and culture that your city has to offer. Ryan Darius and I are kinda obsessed with The Showt because it gives the skinny on the newest of new before the HYPE takes over.

So anyway, I got together my Nancy Drew Private Detective Agents and ventured down to Uncle Charlie’s on the Lower East Side (87 Ludlow St. between Broome and Delancey) to investigate this Boylesque Show. Boylesque (if you couldn’t figure it out) is a weekly gay burlesque show that takes place on Saturdays from 11pm-4am.


When we first walked into Uncle Charlie’s, we were a little confused. It’s a long narrow bar that leads to a back room with a very tiny stage.We got there early, around 11pm and the show, itself, does not start til.12:30am. We wanted to ensure we had good seats and boy oh boy, did we. The host of Boylesque is a boy with a lot of personality and goes by the name “GoGo Harder.” GoGo was clad in a jockstrap and some striped knee high gym socks and a little bit of eyeliner. Why in Gay Hell wouldn’t he be?


I will say at first sight, we were a little disappointed. It wasn’t the grand stage we had expected, the crowd didn’t look that excited to be there, and the bar itself kinda smelled. We couldn’t decide if the smell was shit (from the bathroom) or simply the smell of failure. However, this turned out to be like finding a vintage Louis Vuitton bag in  a thrift store. The store at first glance doesn’t look like much, but you know there is a hidden gem buried somewhere inside. Boylesque is the  hidden gem, Uncle Charlie’s is the thrift store.

The show started and we began to understand why The Showt had recommended this as a place to check out. GoGo informed the crowd that the night’s theme was mermaids. I get excited for anything with a mystical creature theme.  The performers are true artists and really know how to put on a good show. The first performer that stole our breath and hearts  away was a boy named Christopher David Bousquet (he goes by Bizkitt). He is a circus trained contortionist. Christopher did two amaze performances: one with hula hoops, and the second was to one of my FAVE songs of all time “Part Of Your World” from The Little Mermaid (WhyDidYouWearThat and I sang along as he performed). Christopher can bend his body in ways I didn’t know were possible and can really work a hula hoop (two things I find incredibly admirable). The second performer who really stood out was Nicholas Gorham. Nicholas is a beautiful man who truly understands performance as art. Nicholas gave a performance that left us wanting more. He looked fierce as he kept a serious face (makeup flawlessly applied) and proceeded to remove his clothing in a way that would’ve made Dita Von Teese proud. Bravo, Nicholas!



The rest of the show was made up of a beautiful singing Mystical Creature in a sparkle hooded cloak, a boy in a dinosour costume, and to close the night with a bang, a man who goes by the name Machine who revealed his privates which were clad in a pink fishnet body stocking. It was really a great night and I will be back to Uncle Charlie’s soon to see these amazing Boylesque boys again! Why In Gay Hell wouldn’t I go back? It’s like Pinkberry, I want more. I truly think this is a show everyone (gay or straight) should experience at some point in their life. Sooo with that being said, who’s coming with me?




Why In Gay Hell Wouldn’t I LOVE Me?

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So, there is a saying out there that we’ve all heard a million times. It goes something  like this, “How can you expect  anyone to love you if you don’t love yourself?” The past couple of months I have been on a scavenger hunt for LOVE. I have been dating, and been having disastrous results (check out my last trainwreck) . Along with searching for love, I have also been trying to find the adult in myself. I can say that trying to find both of these things at the same time could be what is making the dating thing hard. I am really focused on my career, learning to manage my money, and getting my credit in order. I have been beating myself up a lot lately, because at 27 years of age I should already KNOW how to do this stuff , right? With that being said, part of me is embarrassed at where I am in my life. I feel like a school project that you waited til the last minute to throw together. The popsicle sticks  and glitter are falling off and the glue is barely dry. It’s not ready to be presented, but you present it anyway. If you couldn’t follow that analogy, the point I am trying to make is I don’t think I am presentable right now. I don’t think I have a lot to offer someone else. That is, unless, you like a disaster and then I’m your guy. This thinking is NOgood.  The main thing I am trying to drive home is I don’t like TJ lately (sad violin plays in the background) soo Why In Gay Hell am I dating? Well, I will tell you why. I like the  attention and validation that I get from a date, especially a first date because at that point it’s based on just physical attraction. It makes me feel good to know that someone thinks I am pretty. It also makes me feel good to know I can score a date when inside I feel like a tragedy. Sooo what do I do about this? How do I learn to LOVE me so that I can be truly open to loving someone else and have them love me back?

Well, I will tell you where I have decided to start: my appearance. I mean, part of loving yourself is loving the way you look, right? Soo with Valentine’s Day fast approaching, and me being single, I have decided to treat MYSELF to some services that cater to my vanity.  Here is a list of services I KNOW always help me like the way I look a little bit more….

  • Get my hair did. Color, Cut, Scalp Treatment:  I always feel great when leaving a salon and I think most people do. Suggestion for all girls in NYC- I work at the best salon in the West Village (and rated best new salon in AM New York), Ryan Darius Salon! I can guarantee if you come down and visit the fab Ryan Nickulas for your hair, you will def. leave loving yourself a LOT more.
  • Get a Mani/Pedi: Now, I am a fingernail aficionado (I do nails at Ryan Darius Salon, for a few Celebs, Fashion Shoots/Shows and TV) sooI know what a good mani/pedi looks like. I also know how good a girl feels after getting beautiful nails. Let’s also remember getting your hands and feet rubbed, I mean who doesnt love that?
  • Getting Skin Soft and Smooth:  I will be getting waxed and a facial. Eyebrows are important to me and when I look in the mirror, I see them so they need to look good. I mean, they are on my face. Also, in the waxing arena (and thank you to WhyDidYouWearThat) I will be getting a little waxing called the “Backdoor.” Being well groomed below the belt can def. step your confidence level up a notch. After leaving the wax room, I head over to get my skin glowing and to gain some mental peace and quiet during a facial.
  • Workin On My Fitness:  I am recommitting to the gym. I want the body I talk about having (this body I talk about resembles Sean Farisjust so ya know) and that means dedication. It also is good to set a goal and accomplish it because proving to yourself that you can accomplish things is another great way to start loving yourself. It’s like running a marathon (I am assuming because I don’t run. Why in Gay Hell would I?) When you finally cross the finish line, you are filled with a feeling that is undeniably amazing because YOU DID IT!

Now, I know from experience that yes, I am going to LOVEmyself a lot more after I get myself glammed up, but I do want to talk briefly about loving the “you inside” and not just  the “you outside.” I’ve also heard somewhere that it’s what’s inside that counts. I think the best way to start loving the “you inside” is to start by saying to yourself right now, “I am where I’m supposed to be.” For me, this starts by not comparing my life to anyone else’s (i.e She’s married soo I should be married. She drives a better car than mine. She makes twice the salary I do, etc.).  My path is my path,no one else’s. I have to be happy where I am today or it’s going to be a pretty miserable journey.

Lately I have been making “Gratitude” and “Accomplishment” lists. I need to remind myself to be thankful for what I have in my life and I need to remind myself that I have done things I should be proud of. When you write it down on paper and look at it, it’s  a great feeling. It inspires me to keep pushing and taking the risks I need to. It’s also important to acknowledge your efforts.  Sometimes things don’t turn out the way you want, but if you can say you put effort into it, remember that counts. Always give yourself an “A+” in effort. Last, but not least,  trust yourself. Have confidence in your abilities. Know that you have the ability to make important changes for yourself as long as you put your heart in to it. A good relationship with yourself is like any other relationship you need TRUST to truly LOVE.

Now as far as Valentine’s Day, I am going to cut myself a break and I am not going to jump off the nearest bridge just because I am alone on the holiday of LOVE. Instead I am going to buy myself some of my fave flowers, (check out “Tough Love” to find out what flower that is), order a pizza from one of WhyDon’tYouEatMe’s suggestions, and have the best date with someone I am really happy to be getting to know….ME.

Happy V-day!



In Case You Missed It…

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As we mentioned, WhyDidYouWearThat? just reached a milestone. We turned ONE!! So we gathered our nearest and dearest (and some cute boys too) and partied the night away. We laughed, we cried, we drank a lot of champagne. Below are some party pics from our very pretty (very pink) birthday. Enjoy.



(Photos by: Kellie Silwa Nuernberg- www.kelliesliwaphoto.com)






Lindsey Kreps, TJ Kelly, Kirsten Smith, Jamie Colangelo Malkin, Ashley Nobbe

darling18Natalie Decleve, Ashley Nobbe, AnnMarie Doroba, Krystal Marshall, Kirsten Smith, Jenn Redd, Jamie Colangelo Malkin