This list should be twenty rather than ten seeing as I went MIA last week. However, I have decided to keep it short and to the point. (You’re welcome).

  1. Dressing room floors. Band-aids and stray hairs galore. I can’t.
  2. Lady Gaga. I’ve had about enough of her for a little while.
  3. These:IMG_0897Now you’re just abusing the right to dress. (Thanks to Ryan Nickulas for sending along this little sweet treat).
  4. Screaming children on five hour flights. Control your offspring. Thanks.
  5. Taking your shoes off at airport security. There’s gotta be another way.
  6. And these:IMG00066-20100702-1539Yep, an entire wall of “jean” leggings. I believe they are calling these “jeggings.”
  7. Dreadlocks on white people. I’m talking to you, Crystal Bowersox. CrystalBowersox
  8. People who don’t refill the Brita/Pur/whichever pitcher. I’m thirsty too, jackass.
  9. Morning breath.
  10. Promoter text messages. I’m damn near forty. Please stop. I can’t sit through a din with 19 year old models anymore.

Until next week… Happy Fourth.