Why Did You Wear That: Golden Girls

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golden globes red carpetI stayed up putting this together until 4am last night… which led me to sleep in this morning, throwing off my entire schedule… and that’s why you’ve had to wait so long to hear what I’m sure you’ve been fidgeting in your seat hoping all day long to hear: my opinion.

And so below you’ll find my picks for the best, the worst, and the biggest trends that were seen on the red carpet from last night’s Golden Globes.  It’s funny how different some of these dresses look in photographs as opposed to watching them live on TV.  The colors look different, there’s no movement, and a little bit of the magic is sucked out of them.  While gathering these snaps, I started to question my original picks, but then decided to go with the dresses that made me grin from the get go.

Last night’s show was all about the women of Hollywood and they certainly dressed the part.  This is the first time in a long time where I actually had a hard time whittling down my choices and debating on how much to include in my recap.  But enough about me, let’s get down to business.

The Best:

golden globes best dressedEmily Blunt in Michael Kors, Naomi Watts in Zac Posen, Julianne Moore in Tom Ford

The Worst:

worst dressed golden globesSienna Miller in Erderm, Lucy Liu in Carolina Herrera, Halle Berry in Atelier Versace

And with every award show, there tends to be a trend or two that rules the red carpet.  This year, without a doubt, it was the presence of black.  At one point, I was left scratching my head wondering if this show was being held in Los Angeles or New York.  Contrary to the belief that black is boring, the ladies found ways to wear this staple that were the least bit dull.

Sprinkled in with basic black were pops of tangerine, bits of blush, and lots of sparkle.  Here are some trends that stood out and can probably expect to see more of during upcoming award shows.

Total Black Out:

golden globes 2013 dressesNicole Kidman in Alexander McQueen, Eva Longoria in Emilio Pucci, Rachel Weisz in Louis Vuitton

golden globes red carpetZosia Mamet in Tony Ward, Amy Poehler in Stella McCartney, Allison Williams in J. Mendel

Olivia Munn in Giorgio Armani, Sarah Paulson in Reem Acra, Katharine McPhee in Theyskens’ Theory

Kristen Wiig in Michael Kors, Rosie Huntington Whiteley in Saint Laurent, Kate Hudson

On the Flip Side:

golden globes 2013 white dressesAnne Hathaway in Chanel, Julianne Hough in Monique Lhuillier, Amanda Seyfried in Givenchy

Orange You Glad You Didn’t Wear Black?:

tangerine dresses golden globes 2013Jessica Alba in Oscar de la Renta, Jennifer Lawrence in Christian Dior Couture, Marion Cotillard Christian Dior Couture

Blushing Beauties:

golden globes 2013 blush dressesHayden Panettiere in Roberto Cavalli, Amy Adams in Marchesa, Megan Fox in Dolce & Gabbana

Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars:

metallic dresses golden globes 2013Kerry Washington in Miu Miu, Isla Fisher in Reem Acra, Connie Britton Kaufman Franco

I Might Have Embellished a Bit:

jennifer lopez golden globesJennifer Lopez in Zuhair Murad, Michelle Dockery, Kristen Bell in Jenny Packham


lena dunham taylor swift golden globes dressLena Dunham in Zac Posen, Taylor Swift in Donna Karan

Nice work, ladies.  Now hit the showers.



Why Don’t You Come in for a Tune Up?

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Just like the finest automobiles, women need tune ups from time to time.  Our bodies are complex machinery and need to be treated as such.  Taking care of yourself should be for no other reasons than selfish ones.  Do not do it for a man or for anyone else.  Do it for you.

When cars aren’t serviced they don’t run as well.  They get all rusty and sputtery and they just aren’t as fun to drive.  When I wasn’t taking care of myself, I just did not feel good, let alone sexy.  Chances of me feeling frisky and wanting to skip around the apartment in my birthday suit was slim to none.  This made my fiance sad.  Very, very sad.

I finally pulled it together and got myself back on the road (I used my blinker, of course).  So what exactly should we be doing to make sure we’re in tip top running condition?

Ripped Off: Every four weeks or so I head in for self inflicted torture of the nether regions.  The first time is by far the worst and the longer you wait between waxes, the stronger the hair gets because the root has a chance to really grip in there.  However, the more regular you are with your mangrove maintenance, the thinner the hair gets and the less painful the experience is.  Even when I was not tied down with a mate, I still took care of my special place because I just felt better about myself.  Besides, we don’t need any “spill over” at the pool.

Save Face: I never realized the importance of a facial until 1) I reached 25 and 2) lived in a house with mass amounts of natural sunlight.  As we get older, our cells turn over slower.  This can make your skin look dull, increase the amount of blackheads present, and lead to more breakouts.  By going to a facial professional every 6-8 weeks you’re having an expert rid your skin of all the gunk so you can be just as glowing and gorgeous as you were as a baby.  Between facials, you can try out one of my favorite products from Murad:

Splitting Hairs: Recently, a gal pal told me that her hair was finally growing.  For years she’d been under the impression that her hair would never grow past a certain length.  Her former hairstylist had been chopping her locks off every time she came in and letting her think that was as far as it would grow.  While getting a trim about every eight weeks is needed, make sure that your stylist is only removing the straggly ends rather than getting all scissor happy on your ‘do.

Check Under the Hood: Every single year you should be going to visit the lady doctor to get your little princess checked out.  You should start doing this the minute you become sexually active or when you hit 18 (whichever comes first- hopefully 18).  I am horrified to hear girls say that they don’t go either because they are “scared” or just lazy.  There is absolutely nothing to be scared about except for what could happen if you don’t go.  With things like HPV, ovarian cancer, and endometriosis, you’ve got to be careful.  There is some serious pipework down there and you want to take good care of it.

Find a Spot: While we are being serious, let’s move on to another health concern.  Skin cancer.  Even if you think you aren’t susceptible to melanoma, it’s probably a good idea to have a dermatologist check out your skin once a year as well as any time you notice a bizarre mole of freckle.  The best way to avoid serious health problems is prevention.  Check out this slideshow of skin conditions to look out for.  It’s a little gross… but so is skin cancer.

Twinkle Toes: While this may seem trivial and on the verge of diva-like, hear me out.  One of the least expensive ways to put some pep in your step is by pampering those tired toes.  Adding a bit of color can brighten you day as well.  If you can’t spring for a professional pedi every two weeks, try giving yourself an at home version.  You can also keep your tootsies soft by  using this awesome moisturizing duo from bliss:

By taking better care of yourself, you’ll feel like a whole new woman and you may even keep the “new car” smell.

Now, hit the road.



Photo via HPIBajaForum

Why Did You Wear That: You’ve Got Sole

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One of the most talked about moments from this past weekend’s Academy Awards show was not a musical number, not a gorgeous gown, not a misplaced expletive… it was Anne Hathaway’s Swarovski crystal encrusted Brian Atwood pumps worn with her Lanvin tuxedo.  Twitter exploded with “who made Anne’s shoes?” and “I’ve got to get my hands on those pumps.”  Certainly a victory for both Mr. Atwood, himself, as well as Anne’s stylist, Ms. Rachel Zoe.

For quite a while, the go to glamour girl pump was Christian Louboutin, but it looks like there’s a new “it” shoe in town.  Basically, if you’ve heard of the actress, she’s worn the shoe.  Everyone from Blake Lively to Cameron Diaz to Dianne Kruger has been spotted strutting her stuff in these sexy stilettos.

So has Hollywood traded in the flash of a red sole for the styling and simplicity of just a great shoe?

Sole long!



photos via: CoolSpotters and Just Jared

Monday Mashup: Red Carpet Repeat

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So, before I announce who I found fantastic and who made me cry “foul!”, I decided to recap the rest of the red carpet from the Golden Globes.  Um… I can’t help but notice… there were a lot of duplications in the wardrobe department.  Whoops! Perhaps the stylists in Hollywood need to communicate more.  Having a twin on the red carpet might be every starlet’s worst nightmare, but seeing double gives us much more to compare come Monday.  While I have my own opinions on who rocked the look best, I’m going to go ahead and let you- my usually fashionably elite- readers decide. Now, behold the beauties that were the Golden Globes:

A Case of the Ex:

Sandra Bullock in Jenny Packham vs. Scarlett Johansson in Elie Saab

Moody Nudes:

Carrie Underwood in Badgley Mischka vs. Dianna Agron in J. Mendel

Pretty in Pink:

Lea Michele in Oscar de la Renta vs. Megan Fox in Armani Prive

Is White Right?

Jennifer Love Hewitt in Romona Keveza vs. Jennifer Lopez in Zuhair Murad

Mean Green:

Angelina Jolie in Versace vs. Mila Kunis in Vera Wang

Well Red:

January Jones in Versace vs. Sofia Vegara in Vera Wang

It’s a Sherbert:

Emma Stone in Calvin Klein Collection vs. Claire Danes also in Calvin Klein Collection

Blue for You:

Mandy Moore in Monique Lhuillier vs. Jenna Ushkowitz in Rebecca Taylor vs. Amy Adams in Marchesa



Would You Wednesday: Fresh Ink

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Lots of beautiful young startlets and young ladies I know have covered their pretty and perfect skin with tattoos. Whether it be the good ol fashion tramp stamp or something discreet on their back, wrist, or rib cage, they’ve all branded themselves with something. Some are gentle reminders to themselves, others have a deeper meaning, and some are just “cute.”

This is not me knocking the tattoo trend because I have my very own little bit of ink.  I got it a couple of years ago and it’s teeny tiny. So tiny that, in fact, I startle myself sometimes when I see it because I’ve forgotten that it’s there. It’s not something that I totally regret, but now I’m kind of over it and have definitely considered getting it removed.

So, I’m kind of just wondering if others out there are debating the same thing. Or maybe some of you out there are debating your first tattoo.  Maybe you can’t decide what you want to go or maybe you aren’t sure if you really want one.

Do you think this is just a trend that we will all regret or is it something that is worth having for a lifetime? My only advice? Don’t get any boy’s name emblazoned on your body! Tattoos last and unfortunately, sometimes boyfriends don’t.

So, what do you think about ink?