Lots of beautiful young startlets and young ladies I know have covered their pretty and perfect skin with tattoos. Whether it be the good ol fashion tramp stamp or something discreet on their back, wrist, or rib cage, they’ve all branded themselves with something. Some are gentle reminders to themselves, others have a deeper meaning, and some are just “cute.”

This is not me knocking the tattoo trend because I have my very own little bit of ink.  I got it a couple of years ago and it’s teeny tiny. So tiny that, in fact, I startle myself sometimes when I see it because I’ve forgotten that it’s there. It’s not something that I totally regret, but now I’m kind of over it and have definitely considered getting it removed.

So, I’m kind of just wondering if others out there are debating the same thing. Or maybe some of you out there are debating your first tattoo.  Maybe you can’t decide what you want to go or maybe you aren’t sure if you really want one.

Do you think this is just a trend that we will all regret or is it something that is worth having for a lifetime? My only advice? Don’t get any boy’s name emblazoned on your body! Tattoos last and unfortunately, sometimes boyfriends don’t.

So, what do you think about ink?