Why Did You Wear That: Distressed Done Up

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whydid kirsten smithWhen one thinks of shredded jeans, I  assume that most file destroyed denim under completely casual.  To be honest, I treat some of my destroyed denim like my own version of sweatpants.  A particular pair that reign as queen bee of my cluttered closet and are often the first thing I pull out for morning dog walking duty also happen to be the very same pair I pull out to wear with a tiny top and high heels for an evening out.  So, you see, distressed denim truly can go from day to night.  I’ve never worked at a job where I had to wear a “suit” (that’s the beauty of the fashion industry, kids), but when I worked in a sad grey cube at Henri Bendel, we were supposed to follow a few simple guidelines like, I don’t know: don’t look like an asshole or wear flip flops.  One of the clauses when distressed denim became one of our biggest sellers in store was that we could wear it… so long as it was one of our vendors… and most certainly not with flip flops- not even Havaianas.  So, full circle: destroyed denim can be both very downtown as well as totally dressed up.

whydid kirsten smith

whydid kirsten smith

kirsten smith whydid

kirsten destroyed denim whydid

whydid kirsten smithblazer: Dian von Furstenberg, blouse: Philosophy, jeans: DIY (learn how here), bag: Rafe, shoes: Carlos by Carlos Santana, sunglasses: Ray-Ban, bracelets: alex and ani, necklace: Maya Brenner



photos by Brian Schutza

Why Did You Wear That: Strawberry Fields

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kirsten smithWhile the east coast froze during December and January, I was soaking up the sun on the west coast.  Most people automatically assume LA, but I was up north near the Salinas Valley also called “the salad bowl of the world”  which produces pretty much all of the greens consumed in the United States.  So, by all means, eat your vegetables.  This particular field is a strawberry field and wouldn’t you know it was all too fitting as the sun went down.  The sunsets are nothing short of magnificent in the valley and each night I was wowed by yet another color combination in the sky and bouncing off the hills.  On this particular late afternoon as we tried to capture “magic hour,” the sun cast a rose gold hue which only deepened as time passed and in turn, I now know what I’d look like as a redhead.

This was the outfit that I wore to ring in the New Year  (yes, I got Dick onboard the New Year’s Eve outfit train).  And while it was completely within reason on December 31st, I understand that some of you may not categorize sequin crop tops in the same manner I do- which is every day wear.  So, now you’re looking at this jazzy little number wondering when the hell you’re ever going to wear it again and should you just send it to your niece for her next dance recital?  The answer is no.  You see, Dick is a very logical man, therefore I had to rationalize with him as to how both the skirt and top were totally wearable in more than one way.  While this is how I would style a sparkly top for an evening out, in the next two posts, I’ll show you how to incorporate both a sparkly crop top and pencil skirt into your regularly scheduled wardrobe.  But for now, let’s just bask in the rose gold glow.

kirsten smith

kirsten smith why did

kirsten smith california

kirsten smithskirt: Express, top: Express, boots: All Saints (similar here), sunglasses: Ray Ban, bag: Balenciaga, necklace: Maya Brenner, dog: Smitty



Why Did You Wear That: Initial Thoughts?

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alphabet soupSure, Carrie Bradshaw may have started the name craze with her nameplate necklace, but I think the single initial may be the new nameplate.  I can be seen on most days wearing a “K” pendant and a signet ring that belonged to my mom which she had re-engraved with my own initials.  On a very sunny day, you may even find me sporting a baseball cap embroidered with my first initial.  One might conclude that I’m quite fond of my name and honestly, why shouldn’t I be? My parents thought I was going to be a boy.

Love your name too?  (duh.)  Then it’s time to rep your own crew by donning your signature spelling in one of many fashions available.  I mean, I guess it will make it that much easier for strangers to guess your name (yet you geotag yourself on Instagram)… and I suppose joke’s on you if I tell you my name is Genevieve while wearing a necklace emblazoned with a “K.”

alphabet jewelry

1. Markus Lupfer Sequined Initial T-shirt, 2. Markus Lupfer Sequined Initial Brooch, 3. Maya Brenner Mini Letter Necklace, 4. Alex and Ani Initial Bangle, 5. Jacquie Aiche Alphabet Single Earring, 6. Jennifer Zeuner Small Swirly Initial Necklace, 7. Jennifer Zeuner Initial Signet Ring, 8. Gorjana Alphabet Stackable Ring

Spell ya later.



Why Did You Wear That: A Charmed Life

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 When it comes to accessorizing, I like to stick with tried and true.  This is an area of my wardrobe where I value quality over quantity.  I’d rather have some pieces that I will keep forever and ever than a drawer full of plastic beads and baubles.  One place I like to dangle bling is right around my neck.  I always have on at least one necklace… and most of the time will layer on three at a time in varying lengths.  Each of my necklaces is a simple gold chain with a pendant of significant meaning.  Not only is it a stylish way to wear your memories, it often becomes a great conversation starter (not that you have any trouble striking up a conversation with the cute guy at the bar next to you).  Just be sure to stow your jewels at night so as to avoid a very tangle morning.

1. Jennifer Zeuner Mini Wishbone Necklace, $121, 2. Monserat De Lucca Brass Labrador with Bone Necklace, $50, 3. Maya Brenner Designs California State Charm, $399, 4. Julie Tuton Wish Word Palliette Necklace, $95, 5. Gorjana Feather Pendant Necklace, $80, 6. Waxing Poetic Remedy in a Bottle Love Elixir Pendant, $150, 7. Monserat De Lucca Friendship Puzzle Necklace Set, $84, 8. Jennifer Meyer Gold Arrow Pendant Necklace, $850, 9. West Avenue Jewelry Monogram Disk Necklace, $105, 10. Philip Crangi 14 Karat Gold and Blackened Steel Letter Necklace, $755, 11. Ileana Makri for The Row Diamond Evil Eye Necklace,  $2,945

 1. Little Birch Jewelry Stand, $322. Etched Leaf Mirrored Jewelry Box, $48, 3. Grecian Goddess Bust $14.99

How very charming.