Why Did You Wear That: Pajama Jam

By |May 28th, 2014|Why Did You Wear That?|

pajamas kirsten smithThough I rarely sleep with much on once the weather breaks from freezing, I have an overabundance of sleepwear.  As a matter of fact, for someone who would rather sleep with her window open for fresh air and sweat than turn on her air conditioner, it seems a bit excessive for the lack of closet and drawer space of New York studio apartments.  Despite living in what is essentially a large hotel room, my apartment has become a bit of a hangout, probably due to its convenient location to trouble.  Upon entry everyone always comments on the number of rompers and nighties that hang from the doorknobs of my closet… which aren’t there merely for show, but because I’ve got a bit of a textile overpopulation problem. It just so happens that they look nice and add a little bit of color and femininity to my black and white abode.  My pajamas are mostly seen by my girlfriends who catch me between showering and dressing for the day, delivery men, and my neighbors across the street who have seen more than their fair share of me.  But alas, with summer weekend getaways and shared spaces, it’s probably best to have something to sleep in more modest than your birthday suit and slightly sweeter than your old ratty college t-shirt and pair of boxers that came from who knows where.


1. Only Hearts Venice Cutout Romper, 2. Juicy Couture Print Sleep Essential Romper, 3. Eberjey Bleached Out Slub Jersey Jumpsuit, 4. Cosabella Bella PJ Romper, 5. Donna Karan Sleepwear Cotton Batiste Pajamas Set, 6. Eberjey Hannah Teddy, 7. Skin Lace City Chemise, 8. Equipment Landon Floral Print Washed Silk Pajamas, 9. Wildfox Couture Sleep In Late PJ Set, 10.Splendid Genie Jumpsuit



Why Did You Wear That: Don’t Sweat the Technique

By |August 27th, 2013|Why Did You Wear That?|

The quote above from Karl Lagerfeld has been passed around the internet faster than an Anthony Weiner dick pic. And while I first snickered when I saw it, I couldn’t help but wonder what Karl might think about one of this fall’s must have items: the sweatshirt.

I can just picture him fanning himself with leather glove clad hand whilst flipping through September’s issues. But put down the paper bag, big K. These aren’t the Champion sweatshirts of gym class past. Nor are they the Juicy Couture velour tracksuits that I was certain were the fashion apocalypse. This season’s reincarnations feature more structured silhouettes, lace insets, and little details that will have you sweating them, not sweating in them.

When worn with the skinniest of skinny jeans, leather leggings, or a pleated skirt rather than their fleeced counterparts, the sweatshirt is more fabulous than frumpy.

1. T by Alexander Wang Crew Neck Sweatshirt, 2. Helmut Lang Leather and Wool Sweatshirt, 3. By Chance Jenna Oversized Sweatshirt, 4. A.P.C. Atelier de Production et Création, 5. Chaser Nat Geo Logo Sweatshirt, 6. Kenzo Striped Lining Cotton Sweatshirt, 7. Wildfox Basic Baggy Beach Sweatshirt, 8.Theory Janelo Long Sweatshirt, 9. Funktional Discovery Sweatshirt



Why Did You Wear That: Hats What’s Up.

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You have invested a small fortune in your skin and there’s no need to cancel that all out by roasting in the sun like a California raisin.  Sure, sunblock and sunglasses help protect against a gnarly sunburn, but why not come with the wrinkle fighting trifecta by adding a huge hat?  I don’t mean like J. Lo or Kim Kardashian, heavens no.  There are ways to pull off a humongous hat without looking like a pretentious poser and this is one of those times that it’s completely fine to throw a little shade.  Now, don’t be mistaken.  A hat doesn’t make SPF obsolete, but does help deflect those harmful UVA/UVB rays decreasing your chance for skin cancer and premature aging.  Bonus perk?  Hides those unruly, humidified hairs of yours.  Bless all of you with straight tresses, but I’m not in that camp, so look for me in a big ol’ sunhat by the beach.

1. Juicy Couture Oversized Straw Hat, 2.Forever 21 Straw Bowler Hat, 3.Eugenia Kim Bianca Feather Trimmed Straw Fedora, 4.Staring at Stars Woven Floppy Hat, 5. Rag & Bone Braided Beach Visor, 6. Sensi Studio Toquilla Straw Panama Hat, 7. Bop Basics Thick Raffia Continental Hat, 8. Eugenia Kim Marie Visor, 9. Christys’ Hats Bowler Hat, 10. Maison Michel Virginie Grosgrain Fedora

Hats what’s up.




Gift Guide: Technically Speaking

By |December 11th, 2012|Gift Guide|

pile of gadgetsFor the friends who aren’t going to squeal over cashmere mittens or a brand new eyeshadow palette, try delving into gifts from the 2st century.  You don’t even have to be a geek to appreciate tech these days.  Show me someone who isn’t Tweeting or texting and I’ll show you a pole dancing turtle.  It’s a whole new era, my friends.  Even our parents have iPhones and kids we used to babysit are liking our photos on Instagram.  So, why not gift some gadgets that’ll make it easier for them to connect.  Hey, I travel with an iPhone, iPad, Mac, camera, and dog.  I’m TSA’s dream.

holiday tech gifts1. Marc by Marc Jacobs Critter Gloves, $68, 2. Alexander Wang Prisma iPad Case, $375, 3. Juicy Couture Faux Fur Earmuff Headphones, $98, 4. 2GB Crystal USB Flash Drive Bracelet, $31.00, 5. J. Crew Printed Backup Battery for iPhone, $39.50, 6. Holga iPhone Lens Filter Kit, $19.99, 7. Jagger Edge Hang Fire iPhone Case, $138, 8. Jonathan Adler Smart Phone Dock, $48, 9. Koostik Wooden Amplifier, $100





Setting the Mood: Sleep Tight

By |November 13th, 2012|Setting the Mood|

fashion pajamasThis time of year, when the weather goes from pleasantly crisp to shockingly cold, it’s quite easy to want to just throw in the towel, err… cashmere blanket, and just stop caring about what you wear.  It’s even quite likely that you’ve completely given up on putting yourself together and leaving the house at all.  I’ve found that I now prefer a pleasant night in rather than a raucous night out.  Not to mention, my razor blade refills have become fewer and fewer.  Pretty soon Smitty is going to think I’m fair game.  That said, there really is no reason to be a complete and utter hot mess.  There’s gotta be a happy medium between comfy sweats and club slut… right?

As I sat having dinner with friends at Barbuto on Saturday night (that glass garage door makes for fantastic people watching), in addition to the gentleman in the grey knit cap who walked by over ten times and was clearly casing the joint (or my friends), we were astonished at the parade of Paul Frank printed flannel pajama pants.  Come.  On.  Hello Kitty printed pants aren’t okay in Wal-Mart and they sure as heck aren’t welcome on the streets of the West Village.  When designers sent pajama inspired looks down the runways, I doubt Spongebob was what they had in mind.  I live in a neighborhood that is so trendy, I have to up my game when merely running to the corner deli.  Sure, I’m just on a TP run, but the rest of you are gearing up for stylish dinner dates and tequila shots at Tortilla Flats.  So, whether you’re staying in or heading out, pull yourselves together, girls.

pajamas trend

Eberjey Gisele PJ Set, $115Elle Macpherson Intimates Dunescape Stretch Satin Pajama Pants, $80Juicy Couture Sleep Shirt, $98,Equipment Avery Brushed Silk Pajama Set, $470

Don’t let the bed bugs bite.