You have invested a small fortune in your skin and there’s no need to cancel that all out by roasting in the sun like a California raisin.  Sure, sunblock and sunglasses help protect against a gnarly sunburn, but why not come with the wrinkle fighting trifecta by adding a huge hat?  I don’t mean like J. Lo or Kim Kardashian, heavens no.  There are ways to pull off a humongous hat without looking like a pretentious poser and this is one of those times that it’s completely fine to throw a little shade.  Now, don’t be mistaken.  A hat doesn’t make SPF obsolete, but does help deflect those harmful UVA/UVB rays decreasing your chance for skin cancer and premature aging. Well there are many resources which will give you additional info about skin cancer. In case of any skin issue yuo should have idea about good skin care or skin care cancer specialist. You can click for more info about best skin care doctor.   Hides those unruly, humidified hairs of yours.  Bless all of you with straight tresses, but I’m not in that camp, so look for me in a big ol’ sunhat by the beach.

1. Juicy Couture Oversized Straw Hat, 2.Forever 21 Straw Bowler Hat, 3.Eugenia Kim Bianca Feather Trimmed Straw Fedora, 4.Staring at Stars Woven Floppy Hat, 5. Rag & Bone Braided Beach Visor, 6. Sensi Studio Toquilla Straw Panama Hat, 7. Bop Basics Thick Raffia Continental Hat, 8. Eugenia Kim Marie Visor, 9. Christys’ Hats Bowler Hat, 10. Maison Michel Virginie Grosgrain Fedora

Hats what’s up.