Why Don’t You Eat Me: You Wanna Pizza Me?

By |February 8th, 2010|Guest Blogger, Why Don't You Eat Me?|

OMFG! I can’t stop thinking about pizza! I also can’t stop eating pizza. So, I figured I may as well write about it too.  Or ‘blog’ about it…you get the idea. I’m  still coming to terms with the fact that I’m a blogger now, but I always go around yapping about how much I love food and how I’m a ‘foodie’, so it really is only fair that I share my love of food with a dash of sarcasm and cynicism with the rest of the world.  Don’t you think? If you don’t, then no one asked you.

Now on to the cheesy goodness of that magical food that is pizza. This is where I REALLY don’t discriminate on food.  I love the low end stuff and I love the high end stuff.  Here’s my list of my 5 fave pizza joints (or restaurants that just make one hell of a pizza) here in NYC (in no particular order):

1.     Lombardi’s: If you live in NY, then you’ve heard of it. If you’re an idiot, you’ll actually wait in line and not go at an off peak hour instead. My point is that it’s good. Really good. So good that way too many tourists have heard about it and ARE willing to wait in that line. So do yourself a favor and go during the week for lunch or go right before that dinner crowd hits. I always order a pie with meatball and ricotta. It’s so good that I’m salivating as I write this and considering blowing off my dinner date with my boyfriend to go pig out on pizza alone and later cower in shame and regret about my pizza debauchery.  Ok, not really.


2.    Artichoke Basille: This is some of the best creamy, artichoke-y (yes, I’m going to go ahead and make up that word) goodness you can get.  For the first few bites, you feel as if you’ve stepped out of NYC and into some sort of delicious artichoke dream. Then you start to feel rather ill and have to stop, but believe me. . .those first few bites are worth a trip here.

artichoke basille pie

3.     John’s of Bleecker Street:  John’s never disappoints and was actually the first pizza place in NY that I went to, so it will always have a little place in my heart (and mouth).  Lines can also form at this popular pizza joint, so I’d give the same recommendations on when to go as I did for Lombardi’s. I also always go with the meatball and ricotta pie here (seeing a trend?), but every pie I’ve ever had here has been tasty.


4.     Otto: Dear Prosciutto Arugula Pizza at Otto, I love you. You never fail to make me happy and I feel as if I can always count on you. You’re the wind beneath my wings. If I could propose to you then I would, but I’d inevitably eat you and end up a lonely spinster. Alright, in all seriousness: this is a good pie. I’ve had prosciutto arugula pizzas all over Manhattan and this one is definitely the best in my eyes. Otto also rocks because it has tons of other great food that I’ll blog specifically about some other time.


5.     Gonzo: I was just introduced to Gonzo’s pizza last week by my dear pals WhyDidYouWearThat, WhyinGayHell, and WhyDon’tYouActLikeALady. I was informed of the killer two for one special on Mondays and I was overcome with joy for getting the chance to stuff my face full of pizza and save money at the same time. We ordered four pizzas and all were fabulous, but two specifically stood out to me: the spicy chicken and the brussel sprouts pies. I’m typically not a huge chicken fan, but this pie made me rethink those claims. Just the right amount of chicken, cheese, and spiciness! As for the brussel sprouts pie. I LOVE me some brussel sprouts , so when you go and combine two of my favorite things such as brussel sprouts and pizza then that makes for an orgasmic experience.  It rocked my world and will most definitely rock yours, BUT it’s a special for a limited time so go soon! Now even. Go now! Run!


So there you have it. My current 5 fave pizza places in NYC. I say ‘current’ because that could easily change at any minute if I’m introduced to some other fabulous pie, but all of these places are worth taking a trip to.

All in all I’d give each of these places 4 out of 5 mouths for being seriously tasty and making me want to stuff copious amounts of pizza in my mouth.


See you next Munchin’ Monday!



**WhyDon’tYouEatMe bases its mouth scale solely on food quality and taste ranging from one mouth (meaning you probably would have rather eaten road kill) to five mouths (meaning you saw God while eating this food).