Thank You.

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Okay, so someone learned how to use Photoshop. Yes, this looks like a collage a la 9th grade, but I just wanted to thank all of the very special people in my life who have always made my birthday (and everyday) so very special for me.  I love and appreciate you all. Thank you for being a part of my special day and part of my life!



The List Volume XXVIII

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Seeing as Thanksgiving is right around the corner and I do spend quite a bit of time bitching about things sucking, I figured I would make a list of things that I am incredibly thankful for. Here are ten (in mostly no particular order) of the many things I have to be thankful for:

  1. This guy. I do not know how I would function every day without him.
  2. My incredibly wonderful and supportive family… though now I’ve noticed we are long overdue for a family portrait.
  3. Prosecco.
  4. Living in a country where I can say, do, or wear anything I want all while turning on a faucet for clean water.
  5. Having some of the world’s best friends (who don’t mind a theme).
  6. Having had the opportunity to live in one of the best cities in the world (NY, obvi). The experiences are irreplaceable.
  7. Love. Real, true, pure, magical love.
  8. Thongs. No, I’m serious. Can you imagine a lifetime of VPL (visible panty lines)?
  9. Technology: cell phones, computers, TV’s, the INTERNET! How else would you be able to keep up with WhyDid?
  10. Most importantly, everyone who is reading this. A bored at work hobby has turned into more than I ever could have imagined. Couldn’t do it without you.

Count your blessings!



Up In the Air

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luggage full and ready to travel

I hope everyone has a nice base tan and a fruity cocktail because now it’s time to pack for your trip! Here are 10 tips to stress free packing. Why should you listen to me you ask? Oh – maybe because upon checking my bag on my last trip, I hit the 50.0lbs mark on the scale. Yes, 50.0 exactly. That, my friends, is good packing. Much to my disappointment, balloons did not fall from the sky and I did not receive a free upgrade to first class. Obviously the system is flawed, but that’s no reason to give up on the perfect pack job.

1. Lay out everything you’re going to bring on your trip before you start packing

2. Roll your clothes to allow more room in your suitcase and to prevent wrinkles. Roll more than one item together to create extra space

3. Get creative – stuff shoes with phone chargers, cords, socks, belts, etc.

4. Place your shoes on the bottom. Pair your shoes so that the heel of one aligns with the toe of another

5. Always place heavier items such as jeans on the top to help keep all other items in place

6. Never place breakable items in the outside pockets of your suitcase since your bag will be thrown around like a hot potato by airline employees

7. If you have rolling luggage, lay your liquid contents (in a ziplock bag) so that when you are pulling your bag, the bottles are sitting upright

8. Pack essentials like toothbrush, toothpaste, makeup, medication and documents in your carry-on bag. You never know where you could end up!

9. Leave some room – who knows what you may need to bring home with you…

10. Because each airline is different, please go online and check your airline’s bag policy. Thank you.

Bon voyage!



The Golden Years

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So, part of my job as an event planner is to put out hypothetical “fires” when and if they arise. When I overheard two gentleman at one of my events last night discussing taking the floral arrangements home to their wives, I knew I had to step in. So, after I explained that NOTHING good can come out of bringing your wife or girlfriend secondhand flowers, the conversation took a turn toward gift town. We started talking anniversary and these lovely gentleman didn’t know that there are traditional themes to inspire a gift for each year you’re married.

Here are the main years you need to know:

  • 1st – Paper – I’m going with plane tickets to a fab vacation.
  • 2nd – Cotton – Pratesi linens for the bedroom.
  • 3rd – Leather – I believe a handbag is leather, no?
  • 4th – Silk – gorge nightgown or beautiful silk robe with her monogram
  • 5th – Wood –  Yikes! Perhaps a ski trip in a “rustic” resort? By rustic I mean 5 star…
  • 10th – Tin or Aluminum – maybe a new car?!
  • 15th – Crystal
  • 20th – China – yes…a trip to China counts.
  • 25th – Silver
  • 30th – Pearls
  • 35th – Coral – might I suggest snorkeling someplace amazing?
  • 40th – Ruby
  • 45th – Sapphire
  • 50th - Gold
  • 55th – Emerald
  • 60th+ – DIAMOND

Ladies – send this link to your man immediately!! If sending a print screen of a Tiffany’s add with my engagement ring to my bf didn’t work wonders…I wouldn’t be here today!

Lady Malkin’s Tip of the Week: Ladies, there’s nothing wrong with being explicit. Tell your mate exactly what it is that you’d like. Gentlemen, listen to your lady. She’s probably dropping hints left and right!





Guest Blog: Make Sure Your Cupcakes Don’t Suckcake

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So, thanks to my magnificent colleagues we now know a lot more about cupcakes. We know where to buy them, we know where to go to have them double as a cocktail, and we absolutely know what to do with them if they become a gift gone horribly wrong…eat them. Now, I have to do my part and help you decorate these delicious treats.

First, you have to think about why you’re making the cupcakes in the first place. Are they for a party? Does the party have a theme? Does the party have a guest of honor? If there is a theme, what is it and how can you add to it? If there is a guest of honor, how can you honor them with your baked goods?


If I were going to bake cupcakes for WhyInGayHell, they would without a doubt be rainbow. He’s gay, people – it makes sense.



Think about the person that you’re baking for and their personality. Try to capture them with your cupcakes!

For a baby shower, keep it simple and sweet. No need to over do it with “baby stuff.” They’re cupcakes – they’re cute enough as is. I love the idea of keeping  it monochromatic and clean.



Another super cute and super easy way to personalized cupcakes is with sprinkles.  All you have to do is go to Michaels, grab some stencils and go to town.

snowflake stencil cupcakes.JPG

I will leave you with some words of wisdom. When in doubt – spell it out.


Thanks, Martha.

Now I am a sap and this is actually how one of my friends proposed. Sorry Marc…


Here are a few more creative ways to decorate your cupcakes. The key is to think outside the box (or pan).




Now go make your own creative cupcake conctions and send me pictures!!

Lady Malkin’s Tip of the Week: To keep cupcakes moist, the freezer is your friend. The refrigerator is not! Freeze cupcakes and let thaw 20 minutes before serving.