Why Did You Wear That: Fur Sure

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Let’s just preface this with my acknowledgement that not all of you are going to like this post.  I understand and respect that… hence that is why I posted this little ditty a few weeks ago.  However, I’m a sucker for family history and, of course, a good story, so while PETA may be showing up any ol’ minute to spatter me with paint, the show must (and will) go on.

This glorious coat was my grandmother’s, who I lovingly refer to as “Ocean Eyes.”  Not only did this coat belong to my beauty of a matriarch, it was a gift… from her beautiful daughter (that would be my mom if you couldn’t do the math).  My mom bought this coat for my grandmother with her very first paycheck.  How cute is that?  The hat, that coincidentally matches, was my great grandmother, Reba’s (and yes, she had red hair).  While I felt a bit like an extra from Anna Karenina in all this fur, I found a way to make it work (which you could replicate using the faux versions, my dears).

Speaking of which– Sure, this coat would look amazing over a garnet hued ballgown, but alas, I’m not on my way to the opera this afternoon.  Instead, I’m taking my favorite furry accessory, Smitty, for a stroll.  So, why not take your glamorous look a bit downtown by pairing it with the ever so classic jeans and white t-shirt?  I love the contrast of super luxurious and All-American girl next door.  With fur (faux or otherwise) it is important to keep it simple.  In this instance, I believe there could be too much of a good thing.  Just ask the folks of Fur Hat World.

tan fur coat

girl holding a puppy

walking dog on leashhat: vintage, coat, vintage, t-shirt: American Apparel, scarf: Love Quotes, jeans: 7 for All Mankind (Gwenevere), boots: Steve Madden, dog: heaven

Like, fur sure.



Look for Less: Sweater Weather

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Have we come to terms with this weather yet?  Or are you one of those folks who wears a parka with flip flops?  C’mon.  Don’t do that to me.  Put away your cut off shorts, and let’s get those sweaters out of their Space Bags.  You should not be hanging your sweaters, after all.  Once upon a time, I had a pretty sweet gig working on product development for private label knitwear, so I know my yarns.  Whether you opt for merino or cashmere, it’s cold out there and the best way to bundle up is in a cozy sweater.  Check out how some of Hollywood’s cutest stars are wearing the warm and fuzzies:

1. Wyatt Heather Grey Thermal Cashmere Sweater, $159, 2. Madewell Utility Zip Pants, $19.99, 3. Marc by Marc Jacobs Metal Aviators, $98, 4. Berge Mistral Hobo, $320, 5. Nine West Transport Motorcycle Boots, $129

1. Splendid Chunky Ombre Stitch Poncho, $248, 2. 7 for All Mankind A Pocket Flare, $113, 3. Kate Spade This Is the Year Idiom Bangle, $58, 4. Milly Allie Tote, $465, 5. Sam Edelman Wilma Wedge Bootie, $130

1. J. Crew Fisherman Cableknit Sweater, $98, 2.7 For All Mankind Gwenevere Skinny Jeans, $198, 3. Ray-Ban Rounded Wayfarer, $116, 4. Treesje Warhol Messenger Bag, $568, 5. Steven by Steve Madden Deziary Boots, $199.99





Why Did You Wear That: K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple, Stupid)

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We spend a lot of time gussying ourselves up for dates and “man hunting”, but what we forget is that all the bells and whistles are lost on the average straight man.  Instead of dressing for the opposite sex, we pour into the latest trends and pile on the accessories, which all just confuse the male species.  In case you’ve been living under a rock and have yet to check out the Man Repeller, she’s cornered the market on what makes men gag and she’s owning it.   But my point is that men and women have very different ideas about fashion.  Most men prefer simple, sexy, sleek – as was demonstrated a couple of summers ago.  And while you may be perfectly on trend, you are no closer to making a male makeout friend.

Now, let’s be clear.  I am not proposing looking up the closest bebe and purchasing the shortest, tightest item with the highest spandex content.  The key is not to look like your local go-go dancer.  The perfect date outfit is probably something you already own (and is far less trashtastic).  Whether you’re planning a casual day date or something a bit more jazzy,  the outfit remains the same (plus or minus a few key accessories).  It’s so simple, you’re probably just going to smack your forehead when I tell you and say, “Doh!”

Get ready… Find your best fitting jeans and a simple clean white tank top.  Ta-da!

I know.  Who’da thunk it?  Now another clarification, I know the whole black bra sticking out shtick was cool circa 2002– but we’ve moved past that and they make undergarments for that now.

1. MICHAEL Michael Kors Bel Air Watch, $295, 2. Converse Marimekko Jack Purcell Helen Sneakers, $75, 3. Skull Doggery Step In Harness, $65

For a fun and flirty daytime look, accessorize your jeans and tank with cute sneakers, an oversized watch, your favorite furry friend, and a fishtail braid if you’re feeling fancy.  This look exudes “I’m fun! And pretty! Love me!”

1. Amrita Singh Apiya Multi-Strand Necklace, $78, 2. Christian Louboutin Rolando Patent Leather Platform Pump, $695, 3. Maybelline ColorSensational Lipcolor in Are You Red-dy, $6.63

Because you were so darn adorable all day long, your date is probably going to ask if you’d like to continue on with your romantic adventure.  Wow him with your skills as a magician by swapping out your sneaks for heels, letting your hair loose, and adding some jewels and rep lips taking you from daytime cutie to evening beauty.

Now you’re speaking the style language of love.





Why Did You Eat That: Mamacita

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I know I give San Francisco a bad rap, but I guess it’s not all bad. The do have delightful Mexican food, afterall (and I love some good Mexican food). A friend suggested we try out Mamacita in the Marina, so we obliged and were happy we did so. The place is a bit crowded on a weekend and you will probably have to wait if you don’t have a reservation. So, you’re probably going to want to go ahead and get the party started with a pitcher of pomegranate margaritas (made with pomegranate infused tequila) and a bit of the guacamole while you wait for a table. I’ve had a lot of good guacamole in my day, but never have I had any so creamy. I would love to know what they put in there to get that smooth consistency. So far, so good.

We actually didn’t have to wait as long as we’d thought and started things off with Tamales de Elote (sweet corn tamales) and Crudo de Atun (tuna tartar). Both were out. of. this. world. After gorging ourselves on appetizers , we each opted to try a different type of taco- Chuleta de Borrego (lamb), Callos de Mula (scallops), and Carnitas Cerditas (pulled pork). I would say I was the “loser” of the bunch with the pork tacos. They weren’t awful, but compared to the rest, they fell a bit flat. The word that kept coming up when testing out the other tacos was “smooth.” We were so happy with our meals that we had no room for dessert and I would absolutely head back here for my next taco fix.

So what does one wear when munching on Mexican in the Marina? This area is a bit “preppy” or maybe even “yuppy” so, most of the patrons were pretty conservatively dressed. But when’s the last time you felt the need to fit in? Keep it casual with a bit of a twist with a silky blouse, skinny jeans, and funky accessories. You’ll stand out without looking like a total outcast.

1. Ya Ya Fisher Nom De Plume Blouse, $69, 2. 7 For All Mankind Gwenevere Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans, $170, 3. Jimmy Choo Peep Toe Patent Platform Pump, $695, 4. House of Harlow Val Studded Clutch, $195, 5. Kendra Scott Nasha Necklace, $145

Bonita mamacita!



Why Did You Wear That: White for Your Right To Party

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If you’d described this outfit to me without seeing it, I probably would have thought you’d been hitting up ye olde crackpipe again and would have had to stage an intervention.  However, when I saw Cameron Diaz sporting her light white ensemble a couple of weeks ago, I thought she looked incredibly chic, not like a drug induced fashion victim.

I know what you’re thinking: All white?  Isn’t that a nod to the Michelin Man? In most cases, I’d say, “Yes.”  In this instance, it comes off more angelic modern than just moronic.

The best part?  These pieces are things that you most likely already have in your closet.  I had everything minus the U-Boat watch which I borrowed stole from my fiance.  Remember to break up the white with your accessories otherwise you’ll be walking around like a baker or tampon (whichever).  I went ahead and nixed Cam’s suspenders (let’s not be completely ridiculous) and added a Mr. T gold chain instead.

1. American Apparel Unisex Sheer Jersey Short Sleeve Deep V-Neck, $24, 2. Stella & Jamie Black Leather Bomber, $352.99, 3. Toy Watch Oversize Plasteramic Watch, $225, 4. Seven For All Mankind Roxanne Skinny Flood in Clean White, $159, 5. Brian Atwood Closed Toe Platform Pump, $580, 6. Balenciaga Velo, $1,445

You gotta fight!




Photo via Just Jared