I was actually in the middle of writing a completely different blog, when I stumbled upon something that I knew I MUST share. After googling for fur earmuffs, I stumbled upon a little gem of a website called Fur Hat World. (I will probably receive a phone call from PETA after this…) I will now share with you some of my favorite finds from said website. You are very, very, VERY, welcome in advance.

product_thumb-5.phpWhy build a snowman when you can BE one?


You’re not seeing spots…. That’s right, those are rhinestones.

product_thumb-4.phpKeep warm on your paper route, folks.

product_thumb-6.phpBecause you just NEVER know when you may need a pink leather hat.

product_thumb.phpI have to apologize for not including the fur scrunchie in my original post. Please forgive me.

Oh, and don’t worry, fellas… there are hats for you too!!

product_thumb-2.phpWho needs a toupee when you have a fur hat like this?

product_thumb-3.phpTake your next “Pimp and Ho” party to the next level…


And for my very favorite, the coup d’etat… (brace yourselves)



This is what happened to the coyote who ate Jessica Simpson’s maltipoo, Daisy.

There were just SO MANY to choose from that I could only select a few of my favorites, but you could probably go ahead and waste a good hour to an hour and a half perusing all of the amazing choices of fur headgear.  Enjoy.



**NOTE: WhyDid and its affiliates do not endorse the wearing of large fur hats by the general public.  This is NOT to encourage you to buy any of the above hats. I sincerely hope I NEVER see any of you wearing ANY of these items. Thanks.