Let’s just preface this with my acknowledgement that not all of you are going to like this post.  I understand and respect that… hence that is why I posted this little ditty a few weeks ago.  However, I’m a sucker for family history and, of course, a good story, so while PETA may be showing up any ol’ minute to spatter me with paint, the show must (and will) go on.

This glorious coat was my grandmother’s, who I lovingly refer to as “Ocean Eyes.”  Not only did this coat belong to my beauty of a matriarch, it was a gift… from her beautiful daughter (that would be my mom if you couldn’t do the math).  My mom bought this coat for my grandmother with her very first paycheck.  How cute is that?  The hat, that coincidentally matches, was my great grandmother, Reba’s (and yes, she had red hair).  While I felt a bit like an extra from Anna Karenina in all this fur, I found a way to make it work (which you could replicate using the faux versions, my dears).

Speaking of which– Sure, this coat would look amazing over a garnet hued ballgown, but alas, I’m not on my way to the opera this afternoon.  Instead, I’m taking my favorite furry accessory, Smitty, for a stroll.  So, why not take your glamorous look a bit downtown by pairing it with the ever so classic jeans and white t-shirt?  I love the contrast of super luxurious and All-American girl next door.  With fur (faux or otherwise) it is important to keep it simple.  In this instance, I believe there could be too much of a good thing.  Just ask the folks of Fur Hat World.

tan fur coat

girl holding a puppy

walking dog on leashhat: vintage, coat, vintage, t-shirt: American Apparel, scarf: Love Quotes, jeans: 7 for All Mankind (Gwenevere), boots: Steve Madden, dog: heaven

Like, fur sure.