Setting the Mood: Get It, Sporty.

By |July 22nd, 2014|Setting the Mood|

workout fashionThe other day I received a message asking how to get abs like mine.  I’m not sure if she was expecting some magical answer like, “I house a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos dipped in Cool Whip before bed every night,” but she seemed a bit bummed out when I answered instead, “Pilates, yoga, and running.”  This is not another installment of “You Did Not Eat That.”  I actually do spend time sweating and while I did partake in National Ice Cream Day on Sunday, I am cognizant of what I put into my body on a regular basis.  I don’t do it because I want to be thin, though that is a welcome side effect, I do it because I actually feel better when I’m not bombarding my intestines with ingredients I can’t pronounce… except for the occasional glass of wine from some far corner of the Earth that I just point to on the menu and smile.  Sure, when I was in college I could sit down in front of the TV with a raging hangover and feed my frame an entire pizza without seeing the effects.  But seeing as I’m no longer wielding a fake ID from Tennessee, my metabolism has given me the middle finger and shopping is most certainly not my cardio.

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The List Volume XCI

By |February 9th, 2014|The List|

gym-behaviorKeeping in theme and wrapping up this week’s fitness focused posts, let’s cap things off with The List.  This particular list is solely dedicated to the most obnoxious gym behaviors that are sure to raise your blood pressure and give that punching bag something to cry about.  I’m sure there are some professional gym-goers who are much bigger sticklers when it comes to gym etiquette, but let’s just stick with the basics, okay?

  1. Any sort of noises.  Grunting, panting, singing along to Bruno Mars- not acceptable.
  2. If there are 15 empty machines, why did you insist on hopping on the one directly next to me?
  3. Though I’ve been guilty, as Stiegler always tells me, girls should not wear grey pants to the gym.  Seeing a sweat stained crotch is so not sexy.
  4. Texting at the gym is one thing, but talking on the phone while you get in your “cardio” is just absolutely absurd.  There’s a “decline” button for a reason.  If your cat isn’t giving birth and calling to tell you as much, there’s no need to be on the phone.
  5. If you’re paying $35+ a class, don’t slack off.  You paid a pretty penny to participate, so do your best even when it’s excruciatingly painful.  As Jenn once said during an especially tricky oblique exercise, “If it’s too tough, well tough. Do it.”
  6. Push up bras under sportsbras.  Not only is that counterintuitive, but seriously?
  7. Do not talk to me while I’m working out.  See these headphones?  They’re the universal “bug off” symbol.
  8. It’s a treadmill, not a runway.  While it’s okay, and frankly encouraged, to wear something nicer than your ex’s holey sweats, a full face of makeup and Pantene perfect hair is taking things too far and pretty much pissing the rest of us off.
  9. So, you’re walking on a treadmill reading an US Weekly in a completely packed gym?  Ok.  Next time, stay home and just swing your legs on the couch.
  10. Did you seriously forget your deodorant?



Weekend Playlist: Let It Burn

By |February 9th, 2014|Weekend Playlist|

running legsYou know the hardest part about going to the gym? Going to the gym. It’s amazing all the tiny tasks that I’ve neglected doing up until it’s time to make my way to the treadmill. Oh that stack of magazines I’ve yet to read? They must be sorted through before I could possibly go to the gym. All that paper has gotta be a fire hazard. I probably should clean out the fridge too.

However, once I’m actually at the gym or have just completed a thorough sweat session, I’m more than happy I went. Even happier when my pants aren’t sausage wrappers. It’s like my dad says, “What do exercise and hitting yourself in the head with a hammer have in common? They both feel good when you stop.” One great way to get you through the burn is a playlist that tricks you into believing you’re bumping elbows with Beyoncé, not the meathead bro-ing out with barbells. I’ve shared my running playlist before and Jenn was kind enough to bestow us with a few of her favorites, but much like your workout routine- it’s always good to switch things up. Here’s what I’m currently feeling the burn and burning the calories to:

Sweat looks good on you.



Why Did You Wear That: All Set To Sweat

By |February 4th, 2014|Why Did You Wear That?|

fashion-workout-clothesOn winter days when you wake up to the sound of salt trucks clanging down the street, it’s pretty easy to lose any and all motivation to get thyself to a gym, even if it is in your building- like one floor down.  It all starts innocently enough, skipping a day here and there and then before you know it, you’re making death threats to your laundry service for “shrinking” every single pair of your designer denim jeans.  Your scale also seems to be going haywire because your floor is clearly uneven.  Write yourself a Post-It to call the super.  You did not gain ten pounds of winter weight existing on Seamless orders alone.  And then you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror on the way out of the bathroom post shower…

Normally, I’d be pretty pissed at Punxsutawney Phil for sentencing us with another six weeks of winter, but let’s look at the upside.  Now, you have six more weeks to shed those polar vortex pounds.  I suggest posting a picture of a Victoria’s Secret Angel to your refrigerator, following a fitness inspiration account on Instagram, and cease and desist wearing pants with elastic waistbands… unless you’re heading to the gym/Pilates/cycling/yoga.  Other than an awesome playlist, having cute and flattering workout gear is a great way to make sweating seem a bit less sticky… and stinky.


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Setting the Mood: Sweat This.

By |February 3rd, 2014|Setting the Mood|

gym fashion editorialThey say summer bodies are made in the winter.  I can’t help but agree as I sweat myself silly at the gym.  There’s nothing more annoying to us gym rats than the people who show up in mid-May in sheer panic knowing that Memorial Day is right around the corner and they will be forced to slip into something more skimpy.  They’re kind of like the people who show up to the gym on January 2nd and last about a month.  I’m actually willing to wager they might be the same crowd.  You know the hardest part about going to the gym?  Actually going.  The second hardest part is figuring out how to look good without being the girl who looks like she got “ready” to go to the gym and walks on a treadmill texting with a full face of makeup and a fresh blowout (please don’t be that girl).  While I usually attempt to look totally unapproachable because there’s nothing I hate more than being hit on mid stride, it is entirely possible to look totally stylish while you sweat.

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Sweat it out.