Gift Guide: First Dance

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napolean dynamite danceYes, along with finding someone cute to cuddle up with this Friday– which just so happens to be February 14th, your boo or potential object of affection will most likely be somewhat stressed about what to gift you for this Hallmark holiday.  All of this will be made exponentially harder when factoring in what is or is not appropriate based on the length of your relationship and just how hot and heavy it’s gotten between you two thus far.  If you’ve just started dating and Patti Stanger would still have you on the two drink maximum (HA!), it’s just that much more tricky.  It’s important to show interest without giving away the promise of a picket fence, perfectly trained papillon, and three adorable and well mannered children.  Ladies, print this out, press forward, casually share it on Facebook and hope that your man is smart enough to read on.

When my newly smitten best guy friend confirmed with me that he should, in fact, send flowers to the new apple of his eye for Valentine’s day, he was downright insulted when I made him assure me he wouldn’t send the standard red roses- especially those flanked with the floral equivalent of cantaloupe, baby’s breath.  I forget that his mama raised him right and he, therefore, has impeccable taste down to wearing a three piece suit to his business casual office. However, some of you “gentleman” (yeah, I’m air quoting that) could use a little bit of a stern reprimanding when it comes to gift giving for the special ladies in your life.  Therefore, I’m here to guide your ship through the rocky waters of your budding relationship to your own private island of infatuation.

Some side notes about my selections:

  • Do not give a half assed gift.  If you choose to go with a frame, put a flipping picture in it.  That’s like giving a girl a vase with no flowers or a jewelry box with no jewelry.  This type of gift will land you in more hot water than baby’s breath or store bought chocolates (just don’t).
  • The little things are the things she will remember– unless she’s a gold digging ho and, in that case, you should abort mission before she drains your bank account and your sanity.  If you give her a book, write a sweet inscription.  If you opt for a change purse, tuck a shiny, lucky penny inside for her to find.
  • Don’t overdo it.  Crotchless panties two weeks in?  Probably not.  Now, six months in is a completely different story… Pro-tip: If you give a giant, shiny, or expensive gift too early on, you’ve set yourself up for future failure.  You must always outdo yourself and you, my friend have set the bar awfully high (sorry, ladies, but you know it’s true).  As for giving a girl a ring so early on, this is a knuckle ring and it’s a pearl, not a diamond.  You’re basically giving her something to punch you in the face with should you ever foul things up.  I consider this ring a token of good faith and an indicator that you’re up on current trends.
  • Don’t bother with a card– unless you plan on writing more than just your name.

valentines present


1. Wildfox Lolita Sunglasses, 2. Miu Miu Croc Effect Glossed Leather Pouch, 3. Taschen Set of Two Fairy Tale Books, 4. Rodarte Rohearte T-Shirt, 5. Rablabs Obra Frame, 6. Mary Green Sleeping Beauty Eye Mask, 7. Sophie Bille Brahe Lisa Petite Pearl Knuckle Ring, 8. Bing Bang Secret Admirer Necklace, 9. Jennifer Zeuner Adored Necklace, 10. AIR by alice + olivia Drape Wrap Around Top, 11. alice + olivia Lizard Phone Pouch with Portable Charger, 12. Elle Macpherson Medina Lace and Silk Pajama Set, 13. Chan Luu Cashmere and Silk Blend Scarf, 14. Eberjey Mabel Lace Trimmed Jersey Robe

Seriously, I wish I could date myself sometimes.  Also probably why I’m such a hit at a certain W 12th Street hot spot




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Gift Guide: The Beauty of Giving

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holiday makeupOkay, fine.  She doesn’t quite seem to fit into any of the five gift giving categories from yesterday.  Deep breaths, drama queen.  I have a fairly easy fix, my friend.  There are very few (although, astonishingly, there are some) women who would turn their perfectly powdered little noses up at the gift of beauty.  Since the time we are old enough to sneak into mama’s rouge, we are mesmerized by makeup.  The beauty industry caught onto this and made your life a whole heck of a lot easier because many of them have crafted up kits especially for the holiday season.  But aside from the limited edition palettes, there are plenty of fun ways to gift your buddy with beauty.

gift guide makeup1. Bobbi Brown Basic Brush Collection, 2. The New Black Foiled Again 5pc Nail Set, 3. Diptyque 34 Boulevard Saint Germain Soap, 4. Oribe Purse Size Collection, 5. Elizabeth Arden Holiday Lip Gloss Set, 6. Kitsch Bow Ponytail Holders, 7. Le Metier de Beaute Ultra Hydration Mask Duo, 8.Library of Flowers Arboretum Bubble Bath, 9. Forever 21 I Need Lipstick Cosmetic Bag, 10. Jouer Sparkle & Shine Holiday Party Favors, 11. Deborah Lippmann R&B Mini Nail Lacquer Duet



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Why Did You Wear That: Nightie Night

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chemises and babydollsAlong with spritzing myself with a bit of perfume before bed, I also enjoy a good nightie.  No, I don’t mean a nightcap, although I do enjoy those too.  I am talking about a good ol’ fashion nightgown.  Maybe not the style that the Golden Girls don- but now that you mention it, I love those too- I’m just talking about a simple chemise in satin, silk, chiffon, or the softest cotton. Yes, it’s true.  I’m a lady.

Sure, in the 90’s we all did the whole “boxer shorts” or Soffe cheer shorts thing, but I never could get down with the women who ended up wearing giant flannels or nasty t-shirts and ratty old boxers.  Girlfriend, take a little pride in your night attire.  If your man wanted to go to bed with his pal, Larry, he would… and in that case, Larry would know better than to wear that stained USC shirt to bed with his boo.  I get the irony: this is all very hilarious coming from a lady who sleeps alone, but I stand firm.

Over the years I’ve amassed quite the collection of nighties and knickers.  So many that the ones that did not fit inside my closet (yes, there are more) are hanging “decoratively” on my closet door handles.  I know what you’re thinking… “How is this girl single?!”  No?  That wasn’t what you were thinking.  Hm… Anyway, it’s true, I don’t get invited to too many sleepovers anymore.  No more pillow fights or Truth or Dare for me, but I always am sure to be wearing my boudoir best ’cause you never know who you might meet in your dreams.

nightgowns1. Elle Macpherson Intimates Obsidian Phoenix Lace Trimmed Stretch Silk Satin Chemise, $175, 2. Eberjey Leonora Lace Trimmed Chemise, $97, 3. Stella McCartney Clara Whispering Stretch Silk Chemise, $250, 4. The Lake and Stars Royale Chemise, $122.50, 5. Julianne Aimee Chemise, $137.50, 6. Honeydew Intimates Emma Elegance Chemise, $45, 7. Only Hearts Sara’s Lace Chemise, $52.50, 8. Cosabella Peacock Babydoll, $193.50, 9. Hanky Panky Sheer Enchantment Babydoll, $98, 10. Chantelle Eternelle Chemise, $135

Sleep tight, or not.




Setting the Mood: Sleep Tight

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fashion pajamasThis time of year, when the weather goes from pleasantly crisp to shockingly cold, it’s quite easy to want to just throw in the towel, err… cashmere blanket, and just stop caring about what you wear.  It’s even quite likely that you’ve completely given up on putting yourself together and leaving the house at all.  I’ve found that I now prefer a pleasant night in rather than a raucous night out.  Not to mention, my razor blade refills have become fewer and fewer.  Pretty soon Smitty is going to think I’m fair game.  That said, there really is no reason to be a complete and utter hot mess.  There’s gotta be a happy medium between comfy sweats and club slut… right?

As I sat having dinner with friends at Barbuto on Saturday night (that glass garage door makes for fantastic people watching), in addition to the gentleman in the grey knit cap who walked by over ten times and was clearly casing the joint (or my friends), we were astonished at the parade of Paul Frank printed flannel pajama pants.  Come.  On.  Hello Kitty printed pants aren’t okay in Wal-Mart and they sure as heck aren’t welcome on the streets of the West Village.  When designers sent pajama inspired looks down the runways, I doubt Spongebob was what they had in mind.  I live in a neighborhood that is so trendy, I have to up my game when merely running to the corner deli.  Sure, I’m just on a TP run, but the rest of you are gearing up for stylish dinner dates and tequila shots at Tortilla Flats.  So, whether you’re staying in or heading out, pull yourselves together, girls.

pajamas trend

Eberjey Gisele PJ Set, $115Elle Macpherson Intimates Dunescape Stretch Satin Pajama Pants, $80Juicy Couture Sleep Shirt, $98,Equipment Avery Brushed Silk Pajama Set, $470

Don’t let the bed bugs bite.



Friday Frocks: Flirty Frocks

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The flirtiest frock a girl can own is the type that isn’t meant for the public to see.  As a matter of fact, it doesn’t matter if anyone ever sees it as long as she feels good when she’s wearing it.  It’s the prettiest, dantiest, most feminine frock in her closet and whether she does her dishes in it or finds herself showing it off, she’ll feel like the most beautiful woman alive.

valentines chemises babydolls slips1. Stella McCartney Selma Dancing Stretch Silk and Lace Chemise, $300, 2. Rosamosario Rosso Disera Silk Chiffon Slip, $445, 3. In Bloom by Jonquil Zanzibar Chemise, $48, 4. Myla Lorene Chemise, $995, 5. Jenny Packham Tiered Silk Chiffon Chemise, $865, 6. Elle Macpherson So Pretty It Hurts Chemise, $130, 7. Cosabella Rose Contrast Mesh Babydoll, $129, 8. Kiki de Montparnasse Black Silk Chiffon Babydoll, $355, 9. Fleur’T Fleur’T With Me Lace Chemise, $86, 10. Cosabella Peacock Babydoll, $193.50