Gift Guide: Techsessories, Gifts for the Tech Obsessed

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tech holiday gift guide
I bet you’re reading this from your phone… or tablet… or laptop.  We are a society that is totally tech obsessed and while many of us could and should do a digital detox, the chances of that happening are less likely than me retiring my crop tops any time before I turn forty.  I, myself, basically work from my phone, iPad, or MacBook and most of the time I’ve got at least two of these items with me.  Fortunately and unfortunately, I can work from just about anywhere there’s wifi and this seems to be an ever growing trend.  When I’m taking pictures of my perfect bowl of ramen at Momfuku, I’m working.  When I’m switching between ten Instagram accounts, I’m clocking those hours.  Even posting on Facebook adds to my paycheck.  Having said that, I’ve become a bit of an expert on all things that make working on the fly a little bit easier and a lot more stylish.

And in the gift guide, I’ve rounded up some fashionable gadgets for the tech gal on the go.

tech gift guide

Diane von Furstenberg Heritage Print Travel Adapter, $98FINDS +Corners4 iPhone 5 Case, $45U R Racer Back Tech Stretch Gloves, $50U R Pleated Tech Headband, $38Speck See Thru Satin Snap on MacBook Pro LapTop Case, $49.95FRENDS Taylor Cap Set, $50Rebecca Minkoff Zoey Tech Wristlet, $135Zero Gravity Andromeda iPhone 6 Case, $32Nixon The Mini Blaster Speaker, $100Halston Heritage Cellphone Minaudiere, $295,




Why Did You Wear That: A Day at the Office

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daisy fuentes kohls nyc whydidWorking from home has its obvious perks.  Wine for breakfast, dog friendly, flexible work hours, pajamas welcome.  Though fewer, it also has its downfalls.  One of which I’m convinced I’ve contracted called “agoraphobia.”  Another, though disguised as an upside, is never really needing to put on pants.  Without the need to put on clothing that doesn’t include elastane in the fiber contents, it’s fairly easy to overlook your ever growing waistline.  Also, there are those times when my job does require me to interact with other humans and show face in professional work environments and that’s about the time I shift into a near panic attack as I stare into the abyss of my closet.  What the hell do people wear to work?  Are crop tops considered business casual?  What if I wear one with a blazer?

When I received this ponté fit and flare dress from Daisy Fuentes for Kohl’s, I knew immediately that it was the perfect option for these terrorizing occasions.  Never again would I break into a sweat before a business meeting because this curve hugging, office appropriate dress is the perfect combination of classic and cool.  With a few added accessories like a studded belt, leather jacket, and strappy pumps, I felt professional without being overly prissy.  At this rate, I may have to get a desk job.

(P.S. you’re welcome, RKF.  I’ll happily take a cut of the commission earned from this post).

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why did you wear that kirsten smith

what to wear to work dresses

daisy fuentes kohls whydid kirsten smith

new york city street style why did you wear that kirsten smithdress: c/o Daisy Fuentes for Kohl’s, belt: DVF, similar by B-Low the Belt here, shoes: Sam Edelman, jacket: Marc New York, bag: Balenciaga, lipcolor: Clinique Different Lipstick in Angel Red





Photos by Michael Stiegler

Friday Frocks: Jump At the Chance

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jumping jumpsuit whydidTechnically not a frocks… because, well, they’re not dresses, jumpsuits are panted versions of the maxi dress.  A jumpsuit can be both casual and comfortable as well as silky and sleek.  Whether you opt for uptown or down, just fair warning: it’s going to be a struggle in the bathroom.  Allow for extra time and be prepared for angry, full bladdered women to anxiously sigh while repeatedly interrupting your bathroom break with angry knocks as you try to free yourself from straps, belts, and other accoutrements.  That aside, jumpsuits are kind of like wearing very stylish onesie pajamas out in public without attracting public scrutiny, plus you don’t need to bother shaving.  Jump at the chance to wear one this weekend.

jumpsuits rompers1. Tbags Los Angeles Convertible Jumpsuit, 2. Rory Beca Ludo Jumpsuit, 3. Jen’s Pirate Booty Borobudur Jumper, 4. Diane von Furstenberg Shany Printed Silk Jumpsuit, 5. Shades of Grey by Micah Cohen Tank Drawstring Jumpsuit, 6. ISSA Valerie Jumpsuit, 7. J. Crew Collection Spike Printed Silk Jumpsuit, 8.Flynn Skye Not Just a Jumpsuit, 9. Charlie Jade Sleeveless Jumpsuit, 10. Mara Hoffman Printed Stretch Modal Jumpsuit



Why Did You Wear That: …Try Try Again (the Saga Continues)

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kirsten smith blogcontinued from yesterday… 

That Friday I met one of my best girlfriends for lunch at Morandi followed by a stroll through Soho to pick out the perfect dress for my perfect first date with my dually proclaimed “perfect fit.”  My go to for a first date involving dinner is something form fitting- suggestive enough, but leaving plenty to the imagination.  It’s like dating- don’t give it all up at once.  I already had an idea in my head and found something that fit the bill fairly quickly.  When I came out of the dressing room to gain approval from my friend and anyone else I could ask, the sales associate informed me that the dress could be spun around so the opening was in front.  Sold.  I probably wouldn’t expose my midriff during a first date (shocking, coming from the queen of crop tops), but how much fun would it be to go to the bathroom and return with the dress reversed?  Answer: Very.

It had been quite some time since I’d actually cared enough to purchase something new for a dude.  Typically on a first date, I’ll strategically wear red lipstick to send the surefire signal that there is absolutely no shot in hell that his tongue will ever know what my molars feel like.  Ever.  But in this instance, he was not only worth a new dress, but also new shoes.  In my mind, it was bashert.  And sure this sounds like it’s all about to end happily ever after, but what fun would that be and I’m sorry, have we met?

A couple of hours before I was to meet my future man friend for dinner at Narcissa, my illness or antibiotics sent me into a tailspin and I knew that I was certainly in no shape to be sitting at dinner spreading germs to my fellow diners.  Besides, this also meant I should not be kissing anyone but Smitty and that was going to be far too difficult.  As to not be selfish, I called to cancel.  I was almost shocked at how understanding he was, but we spent the rest of the evening texting about our would be date.  On Saturday, he called to check on the sickling.  We talked for a while and I assured him we would see each other soon enough.

Then a funny thing happened… I didn’t hear from him again.  Turns out, New York dating is a lot like New York real estate.  You wait too long to put in an offer and someone else will scoop it up.  I haven’t decided whether I’m on or off the market again, but I suppose I’ll entertain any interesting offers.

kirsten smith nyc night7

kirsten smith

kirsten smith whydid

kirsten smith

kirsten smith nyc night6dress: Wilfred Free, jacket: DVF, shoes: Sam Edelman, bag: Malini Murjani 



Why Did You Wear That: A Short Guide

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short shortsMemorial Day weekend is just about a week away ushering in the unofficial beginning to summer.  And summer signals the onslaught of short shorts, toned legs, and a lot of happy males.  So, what are this summer’s most coveted short styles?  Everything from a classic pair of blue jeans shorts- cut-off or classic, the return of the skort, and the questionable elongated shorts.  No matter the occasion, there’s a short for that.  Behold WhyDid’s Short Guide for summer.

short shorts

Get it, shorty.