Red Carpet Recap: Childhood Favorites
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teen choice awards red carpet

If you weren’t watching The Bachelorette finale last night, it was obviously only because you were watching this year’s Teen Choice Awards.  Known to be the more squeaky clean of award shows, Hollywood’s youngest stars came out in droves in hopes of collecting that shiny surfboard.  Well, I don’t really care too much who wins what, I’m really just focused on who wore what.  What came to my attention as I gathered images for this recap was that while some of Hollywood’s hottest looked downright adorable, perhaps others were taking that whole wholesome look to extremes.  It would appear some of the ladies were channeling their favorite childhood characters.  (To be fair, I had to Google 89% of these people.  I guess that’s what happens when you are middle aged).

hayden panettiere teen choice awards

demi lovato teen choice awards

zooey deschanel teen choice awards

gwen stefani teen choice awards

If you didn’t know who these were, you’re too young to be reading this…





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Weekend Playlist: Heartbreak Hotel
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It has come to my attention that there are two very distinct times of year when a lot of hearts are broken and left shattered.  One of those times would be late spring, heading into summer- which is quite self explanatory (um, bikini clad beach babes?).  The other is right around this time of year during the holidays.  One would think that as the temperatures drop, you’d want a warm body to keep you company, but when you think about it, the holidays put quite a bit of pressure on relationships.  There are presents to be bought, families to be met, and trips to be taken.  During the make or break time in fledgling relationships, some will flourish while others will fail.  Don’t count your tears though… count the dollars you’ll be saving by not buying that bum a gift!

While some studies suggest a good cry isn’t healthy, I like to wallow in my pain.  So if you’re an emotional cutter like me, here’s a playlist that will help you do just that.

Check out time is noon.



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Look for Less: Teen Queens

Sunday night Hollywood’s hottest headed to the 2011 Teen Choice Awards in Los Angeles.  While this isn’t quite the Met Costume Gala and may be frowned upon by the fashion elite, I always like seeing the fresh young faces in more casual, carefree attire.  This year, the stunning starlets certainly did not disappoint.  Below are a few of my favorite looks.  I’ve recreated each to show you that looking red carpet ready is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Blake Lively in Gucci, Christian Louboutin, and Lorraine Schwartz jewels

1. Boulee Serena Dress, $209, 2. Ivanka Trump Pinkette Leopard Pumps, $135, 3. House of Harlow 1960 Gold Triangle Drop Earrings, $100

Nina Dobrev in D&G (dress and clutch), Salvatore Ferragamo shoes, jewelry by Ippolita


1. Paul & Joe Sister Gingham Bandeau Dress, $193.94, 2. Nine West Glowing Platform Pump, $89, 3. Poppie Jones Mini Turnlock Clutch, $19.95

Lucy Hale in Giuseppe Zanotti wedges

1. Rebecca Minkoff Claudia Dress, $129.99, 2. Alexander Mc Queen Suede Finned Wedge, $1,050, 3. Kora Black Horn Inlay Ring, $145


Photos via Just Jared

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WhyDid Wisdom: Cut It Out
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Today while Skyping with one of my besties in New York, we giggled about how at times, I go ahead and take the next exit to CrazyTown. That sometimes, I can be completely melodramatic. And quite honestly, I’m an emotional cutter.

This actually isn’t funny and I’m not like Demi Lovato cutting. I do not inflict physical harm on myself, but I do tend to enjoy inflicting emotional pain on myself. For some reason I like to see things that are going to hurt my feelings. I can’t explain it, but I find myself doing things that I know ahead of time are going to hurt me.  I’ve mentioned before that I have crazy P.I. skills and at times those can be really helpful, but at other times they can be totally detrimental to my mental well being.

Why on earth do I need to see that Twitpic? Why would I want to read something mean someone said about me? Why do I want to read blogs that totally rip me off? All very good questions. It’s almost like I enjoy feeling the pain. And don’t you worry. I’m not selfish with my pain. I like to share it with those around me.

It’s like when you have a cut in your mouth and you keep sticking your tongue in it.  Perhaps I’m a masochist. Maybe I’m self destructive. One thing’s for certain, I’m fully aware of my problem. That is again, a blessing and a curse. I’m happy to be well aware of my self abusive behavior, however, being aware of such makes me become responsible for myself.  So, the other day, I started taking steps forward in “cutting” this self cutting habit from my life. I started deleting toxic people from my life.

If you find yourself participating in this same behavior, ask yourself, “why?”  Is it that hard to just be happy?



*(Editor’s Note: after posting this, my wise fiance pointed out that I should remove specific individual’s and specific incidents because I would suffer a great deal of backlash. Therefore inflicting more self harm. See how this emotional cutting cycle works?)

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