Why Did You Wear That: Swag Bag

By |September 9th, 2014|Why Did You Wear That?|

front row fashion week

I’m not awesome at packing a suitcase, but when it comes to having a well appointed handbag, (remember this tutorial?) it’s very evident that I will make for a great mommy some day.  For Fashion Week, we must up the ante when it comes to being overly prepared.  To be honest (and why wouldn’t I be?), this could be my every day bag.  The only difference is during a week such as this, the chance of being able to swoop back home to pick up a forgotten item is a far cry from plausible.  Sure, the island of New York is only about 22 square miles, but getting around is a lot more taxing than hopping in a taxi… and let’s be serious- during an average week, I hardly venture outside a ten block radius.  When you leave your broom closet size apartment in the morning, it’s necessary to plan ahead and that includes everything from spare batteries to snacks to a change of shoes.  Pro tip: when choosing a bag, take into consideration its weight before you’ve stuffed it to the gills with survival supplies.  There’s a reason my yoga teacher is constantly correcting the tension I hold in my shoulders (specifically the right one).  Have I suggested yet that yoga be a requirement for all Manhattanites?  Consider this my formal bid then.  Whether you, too, are taking on the tents for the remainder of this week or perhaps you’re a working woman on the go, be sure that you’re always armed for battle with these hand bag must haves.

fashion week survival kit1. Maiyet Small Como Satchel, 2. Sheriff & Cherry G11-S Sunglasses, 3. Printed Portable Phone Charger, 4. Bobbi Brown Brightening Finishing Powder, 5. RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek in Beloved, 6. Juice Press Black Label Latte, 7.  Canon EOS Rebel T3i Digital SLR Camera, 8. Marc by Marc Jacobs Snake Heart Printed Faux Patent Leather Laptop Case, 9. KIND Almond Cashew + Flax (Omega 3) Snack Bar, 10. Yosi Samra Samara Embossed Croc Flats



Setting the Mood: Under Covers

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lingerie fashion editorial I may be appalled at the thought of wearing pearls and Tory Burch ballet flats give me the creeps, but no one who knows me intimately would argue that I’m anything but feminine.  I may have matured from favoring hot pink hues for home and wardrobe, but I will never tire of delicate lace, soft satin, and intricate details that make being a woman worth all of the cramps, bloating, skewed salaries, and cat calls.  When I spent several years in the high end world of lingerie, I acquired new found admiration for all that goes into underpinnings.  Perhaps there will only be a few special someones who are ever fortunate enough to see the contents of your knicker drawer (unless you use your delicates as decor), but the most feminine thing I think a woman can do is dress for herself.

la perla mimi holiday kiki de montparnasse lingerieAgent Provocateur Abbey Lace Trimmed Stretch Silk Satin Robe, La Perla Paisley Lace Appliqued Stretch Tulle Bodysuit, Mimi Holiday by Damaris Banoffee Pie Stretch Silk Satin Lingerie Set, Kiki de Montparnasse Muse Stretch Silk Contour Bra and High Waisted Satin and Lace Corset Briefs

xx, WhyDid

Would You Wednesday: I’m Slipping, I’m Falling, I Can’t Get Up.

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bunny slippersWhile there’s nothing quite like strapping on the strappiest of stilettos for an evening out on the town, a wise woman knows that there are certain times, she’s just got to be sensible.  In New York, this time is usually the commute from home base to final destination.  Do you have any idea what subway grates will do to your Jimmy Choos?  And while in most other cities, your high heels need only make it from front door to front seat of your car, there are still times when you must  give your poor tired toes a break.

Sure, in the summer there are flat sandals, and we’ve been offered the option of ballet flats for fall, but what if those aren’t really your style?  Ballet flats aren’t for everyone, afterall.  So, grab your silk smoking jacket and a pipe, because this year, the smoking shoe or “house slipper” has made a comeback and you don’t have to be Hugh Hefner to pull it off.  From Christian Louboutin to Forever 21, you can pick up the look in a variety of styles and plethora of prices.

smoking shoes1. Rebecca Minkoff Alvin Smoking Shoes, $195, 2. Miu Miu Embroidered Velvet Loafers, $650, 3. Carlos by Carlos Santana Langston Red Suede Shoes, $78.99, 4. Donald J. Pliner Denda Flat Smoking Shoes, $225, 5. Alexander McQueen Sequin Skull Suede Loafers, $645, 6. Charles Philip Eula Marble Print Flats, $155, 7. Jimmy Choo Wheel Velvet Loafers, $495, 8. Splendid Cannes Striped Smoking Shoes, $78,

So, would you trade in your Tory Burch for smoking slippers?



Setting the Mood: Ballet Rehearsal

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There are so many reasons to love ballet.  I have loved it since my very class when I was three years old.  I love the music.  I love the quiet elegance.  And I most certainly love the wardrobe.  There’s a reason I’m drawn towards soft blushes, and cascading fabrics.  It’s a classic case of “chicken or the egg” though.  Do I love tulle because I love ballet or do I love ballet because I love tulle?  And does it really matter anyway?

Whether you’ve thought about it or not, ballet and fashion are based upon the same principle.  Both are all about creating lines.  Ballet with your body, fashion with fabric.

You need a little more than a perfect top knot to channel your inner prima ballerina though.  Soft shades of peach (ballet pink), black and white.  Delicate fabrics like tulle and chiffon.  And every ballerina needs the perfect pair of shoes.

1. Brandy Pham Tulle and Chiffon Headband, $24, 2. RACHEL Rachel Roy Bobby Pins, $28, 3. Camilla and Marc Supremacy Chiffon Dress, $540, 4.  Chloe Metallic Textured Leather Ballet Flats, $450

Brava! Brava!



Why Did You Wear That: Flat Out Ugly

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Alright, seriously, this has got to stop.  You’ve all seen them (and I’m hoping you’re not one of them).  They’re the ladies who wear sneakers on their commute to work.  Okay, it doesn’t sound as bad as it is.  I’m talking women dressed professionally, stockings and all, with WHITE clunky sneakers! You’ve got it- just like the girls at Hooters.

I understand that you may want to protect your Louboutins from the sidewalk grates and the subway grime (trust me, I know New York is hard on good shoes. Why do you think people make their living as the “shoe repair guy?”), but there is another alternative.  They’re called flats.  Ever heard of them? They’re shoes without heels that are… still attractive!! I know, crazy, right?  Make the switch.  Your feet will thank you- and so will my eyes.


J. Crew Marjorie suede ballet flat, $98