Monday Mashup: Miley Takes Manhattan

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miley cyrus new york skirtOh, Miley.  You can take the girl out of the country… and put her in a cityscape printed skirt, I suppose.  Listen, I think it’s clear how much I love New York, but I don’t even own, dare I say, an I <3 NY t-shirt.  I appreciate her adoration of Gotham, but from what I can deduce from her outfit, she’s a big fan of Batman.  I mean, look at her bustier.  Tell me it doesn’t resemble the Batmobile.  Is she a walking diorama?  Is she acting out her own Batman sequel wherein she swoops in and saves our fair city?  And what would Lady Liberty say?  Bitch stole my look?

So is Miley’s skyline one you’d like to see?



Why Did You Wear That: You Can Ring My Biel

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jessica biel fendiLet’s go ahead and start off by saying it takes a whole heck of a lot to make Jessica Biel look bad.  That face, that hair, that body.  She’s working with all the right equipment, so when I saw this picture of her traipsing all over Paris in this over the top get up, I had to hold an intervention.  Girl, why so much?  At first I just assumed this had to be a costume for some upcoming movie role about an 80’s hair band or something, but lo and behold, she was just shopping at Fendi.  Yikes.  To be fair, I’d actually like each of the pieces if worn individually, but the combination of the jacket, top, pants, and boots is just too much.  I like studs as much as the next gal, but this just seems to be a bit overkill.  Thoughts?



Why Did You Wear That: Better Late Than Never

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emmys 2012 red carpetMy computer clearly didn’t want my opinion on this year’s Emmy Awards Red Carpet, but I don’t believe for one minute that you guys didn’t.  Afterall, my two cents is more like a million bucks.  So, here we go.  Above are my four favorites from the evening, while below, well…

emmys red carpet 2012So, some curtains, a banana, a gingerbread man, and a mermaid walk into a bar.  Okay, I’ve got nothing, but wouldn’t that have made a great joke?  If you’ve got one, please do share.  While all of these ladies are quite lovely, their red carpet garb was anything but.  I just can’t understand how Emmy nominated actresses can’t afford full length mirrors… or a competent stylist.

And the winner is…



Why Did You Wear That: Hats Off To You

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hatsSummer may very well be on its way out, but that hasn’t stopped a few stylish celebrities from shielding themselves from the last bits of sun with their favorite headwear.  Whether they’re trying to be inconspicuous (yeah, right) or hide a bad hair day (dirty hairy), they all look quite chic from morning til midnight in everything from fedoras to a standard straw hat.

sophia bush style1. Mod Cloth Fedora-ble Hat, $17.99, 2. Rachel Zoe Devon Pintuck Dress, $450, 3. Alexander Wang Textured Leather Fold Over Clutch, $545, 4. Splendid Sanford Oxfords, $98

rumer willis style1. Juicy Couture Two Toned Cropped Fedora, $68, 2. Splendid Florence Striped Cotton Blend Top, $68, 3. Current/Elliot The Gam Shorts, $117.60, 4. Alexander Wang Distressed Leather Ankle Boots, $625

michelle williams style1. Brixton Louella Hat, $40, 2.  Cosabella Peacock Camisole, $121, 3. Velvet Bambi Native Pants, $108, 4. Matt Bernson Jack Strappy Flat Sandals, $72.50

Hats off to you, ladies!




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Why Did You Wear That: Not Your Grandma’s Lace

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doilyToo often, crochet is associated with that of the decorative little doilies on the back of grandma’s couch.  And while that may be the case for some of us, let’s hope it’s the exception rather than the rule.  This summer, there is no knit more noteworthy than that of crochet as demonstrated by these three darlings.  Whether you are an uptown girl, downtown diva, or just happen to be hanging around, there is a look for you.

camilla belle lace dress1.  Nightcap Clothing Spanish Lace Flutter Dress, $330, 2. Forever 21 Chain Tassel Necklace, $8.80, 3. Forever 21 Faceted Plate Bracelet, $5.80, 4. Matt Bernson Jack Strappy Sandals, $101.50

erin heatherton shopping1. BB Dakota Roa Crochet Tank, $55, 2. Forever 21 Fitted Knit Skirt, $6.80, 3. Marc by Marc Jacobs Burg Boxer Large Leather Tote, $598, 4. K Jacques St Tropez Sandals, $240

bridgit mendler1. Joie Cina Lace Top, $228, 2. rag & bone Mila Cut-off Shorts, $155, 3. Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Polish in Bunny, $19, 4. T3 SinglePass Whirl, $130