Why Did You Wear That: Better Late Than Never

emmys 2012 red carpetMy computer clearly didn’t want my opinion on this year’s Emmy Awards Red Carpet, but I don’t believe for one minute that you guys didn’t.  Afterall, my two cents is more like a million bucks.  So, here we go.  Above are my four favorites from the evening, while below, well…

emmys red carpet 2012So, some curtains, a banana, a gingerbread man, and a mermaid walk into a bar.  Okay, I’ve got nothing, but wouldn’t that have made a great joke?  If you’ve got one, please do share.  While all of these ladies are quite lovely, their red carpet garb was anything but.  I just can’t understand how Emmy nominated actresses can’t afford full length mirrors… or a competent stylist.

And the winner is…



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