Remember the monthly gift that doesn’t suck?  Well this week’s list is more like the one that does suck.  Sure there are plenty of perks to being a girl, but that certainly is not one of them.

  1. People who use ten dollar words but probably have no idea what they mean.
  2. Kris Humphries. Is he for real?
  3. Guys who wear winter hats at the beach.  I’m confused.  You must be too.
  4. Our government.  Can we just press “refresh” and start over?  Cause I’m fairly certain no one knows what they’re doing.
  5. Un-manicured palm trees.  And on a side note- I know palm trees are “symbolic” of California, but there’s only one type that’s indigenous.  The rest are all “decorative.” 
  6. People who think they “discovered” someone. Just stop it. You did not discover Bruno Mars.  Next thing you know you’ll be telling me you discovered Abraham Lincoln too.
  7. Shin splints.
  8. Dianna Agron’s new ‘do.  I keep waiting to hear, “for her upcoming role in…” 
  9. Planking.  Are we done with this yet?
  10. The person who stole our hose.  First of all, who steals a hose?  Secondly, I hope you are at least putting it to good use- like a slip n’ slide.