Since we’ve been on the topic… The last thing I feel like doing when I have a “friend in town” is squeezing myself into a dress tight enough to cut off all blood circulation and then shoving my poor undeserving toes into shoes that could serve as a form of ancient torture.  Whether you’re feeling the bloat like me or you just want to indulge in dessert at dinner, the babydoll dress is the answer to all of our problems.  Flowy and romantic, it is feminine enough not to be frumpy.  While you wont’ be able to see the outline of your organs, you’ll still look pretty.  Guys probably won’t be a fan of this one… but your tummy will.

1. Urban Outfitters Laine Dress, $19.99, 2. Jen’s Pirate Booty Pandora Babydoll Dress, $145, 3. Betsey Johnson Rose Chiffon Short Babydoll Dress, $298, 4. Plastic Island Rose Babydoll Dress, $158, 5. Black Poppy Flirty Bustier Dress, $29.50, 6. Style Stalker Scale Print Cut Out Babydoll Dress, $77.58, 7. Rampage Sleeveless Striped Babydoll Dress, $20.99, 8. Twenty8Twelve Dorris Babydoll Dress, $156.99, 9. Patterson J. Kincaid Olivia Pintuck Dress, $109.99, 10. Alice + Olivia Cammie Trapeze Dress, $257