A couple of weeks ago, Stephie reminded us how truly fantastic beauty samples are.  So great, that some can even change up your entire beauty routine.  Well, it seems that she’s not the only one who realized just how valuable samples are.  Three very clever young ladies, Hayley, Katia, and Mollie, also picked up on the awesomeness that are samples.  They took beauty samples to a whole new level by creating a little something called Birch Box.

What is Birch Box you ask?  Well, other than being the best ten dollars you’ll ever spend, it’s a beauty sample delivery service that brings new and exciting products (tailored to your individual preferences/beauty needs) to your cute little “welcome” mat each and every month.  I know.  Kind of unbelievable, right?  I received my first Birch Box this week and it was like Christmas (or Hanukkah).  And to think… it’s gonna happen every month!  Kinda balances out that whole “visit from Mother Nature” thing, huh?

I have yet to try all of the samples which included:

I did try the June Jacobs masque and loved it.  My skin was fresh and glowing – as it should be.  So, if you are a beauty junkie like me and perhaps need a little monthly perk, I suggest you hightail over to BirchBox and get your very own little pink box.  It’s almost as good as being a beauty editor at Allure… and for now it’ll have to do.  (P.S. I will keep you updated as to the rest of the samples).

—Sorry, I just realized how ridiculous it is that I have not “tested out” the Twistband hair tie.  Please hold…  Works just great (no sharp metal to cause split ends) and it looks a heck of a lot cuter on your wrist than normal rubberbands. Gonna need to stock up.