As I mentioned before, when I came to LA in July, I only came with a carry on. Enough for a long weekend. I mean, fortunately for me, I tend to over pack… so my “weekend” is probably a normal person’s seven day vacation. Regardless of such, I had about 1/64th of the contents of my closet with me. So how did I manage with a smattering of my wardrobe for nearly four months? Surprisingly, just fine.

Having only a few different combinations for each outfit made my life more simple. Granted, I may have picked up a few items here and there, but nothing crazy. Just a little somethin’ somethin’ to add a little bit of variety.

Eventually, one of my best friends came to visit and brought me a suitcase full of my clothing with another box of my clothes following close on her heels. I thought I would be totally elated to have some more of my very favorite articles of clothing, but when it all arrived, I felt melancholy rather than manic.

I can’t logically explain the feeling that I got when I was hanging up my clothes in our closet, but it was a very blue feeling. It was almost like having too much stuff made me sad. How could this be? Everyone knows the person with the most stuff wins, right? Um, no.  I prided myself on having more clothes than one girl could ever wear, but having been without for a while, I had learned what was truly important to me. I realized that sometimes (more often than not) less is more. This goes not only for clothes, but also for money, friends, and material things. Focus more on what matters and less on what doesn’t.  The things that can’t be sold on eBay are more important than those that can.